On many occasions, an unwanted trip back to childhood can occur in adults when the teeth return to having movement as when we were children and we were in the phase of exchanging temporary teeth for permanent teeth.

The truth is for many adults it is somewhat surprising to notice tooth mobilityIt is an unpleasant and worrying surprise, it is a sign that there is a problem in the oral cavity, that is why you should go to the dentist immediately.

Once the mobility is detected, which depending on the severity will be type 1,2 or 3, it is necessary to diagnose what the problem is with certainty, establish a dental diagnosis in order to establish a treatment plan and a prognosis of our dental health.

And it is that the sooner we act and establish possible solutions, the prognosis will be better, without a doubt, so a protocol of action must be established, the sooner we know the cause or causes, the better prognosis we will have and the more treatment options we can apply.

It is logical that the patient addresses the idea that there are multiple causes, although in fact, the most important and most frequent is periodontal gum disease with the entity of periodontitis as the most prevalent and of greater weight, this pathology is capable of destroying structures such as bone, gingiva, periodontium … which are the structures that support the tooth, so when they lose these, mobility begins to be generated. The first indications that the patient has reached this situation is gingivitis, the other major entity within periodontal diseases, with which, clinically, inflammation and bleeding of the gum are observed due to the present accumulation of bacterial plaque on the dental surface. .

Therefore, it is important if we suffer any discomfort or obvious signs such as inflammation or bleeding, to immediately go to a specialist dentist, if possible in periodontics and not neglect oral care at home by carrying out correct oral hygiene. In this way we will prevent the entity of gingivitis from going further and turning into periodontitis.

It is more important than we think to put an oral treatment solution to gingivitis so as not to evolve to periodontitis, since periodontitis will develop tooth mobility that will always increase if we do not put treatment and therefore It can cause us to end up losing the tooth, or the affected teeth, the most prevalent sector is the anteroinferior sector of the lower jaw.

Another cause of dental mobility may be due to the injury produced as a result of a trauma, a blow that we have suffered and that affects one or more teeth. In these cases, it is more than advisable to visit a specialist dentist, which will propose the treatment alternatives and how is the oral situation and the prognosis of the parts involved in the second injury trauma the degree of serenity of this.

Orthodontic treatments can sometimes trigger greater mobility of the teeth, but as it is a treatment that is done under the supervision of a specialist, we should not worry excessively. But if we notice severe mobility in some teeth more than others, we must notify our orthodontist so that our orthodontist is aware of it, but it is an effect that many people who have worn braces have noticed.

With the passage of time, the teeth also adopt other positions, lose fixation and support tissue and therefore move. To avoid this, it is more than advisable to visit a specialist to supervise the correct position of the teeth.


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