The transpalatal arch, or also called palatine arch, It is a type of orthodontic appliance that is placed on each upper molar and the wire passes through the palate.

The wire of which this arch is made is a round wire approximately one millimeter thick. This wire is usually welded or joined to boxes of the upper molare, where a band is installed in these. This wire has the peculiarity of having an omega shape in the center, which coincides with the midpoint of the palate.

This orthodontic appliance exerts a continuous force since it remains fixed in the mouth 24 hours a day.

There is a modification of the conventional transpalatal arch, which is the so-called Gashgarian palatal bar. It is a palatal arch that can be shaped similar to the inner lingual arch and is usually supported behind the upper incisors.

By means of the transpalatal arch, the anchoring of the upper molars is increased, and it can be accompanied by other anchoring elements with the base arch. In addition, this arch can be used in conjunction with some extraoral forces. Thanks to this type of orthodontic appliance, a slight expansion of the molars and their inclusion can be obtained.

When is the transpalatal arch indicated in orthodontics?

The transpalatal arch has multiple functions, so it also has several indications, making it a widely used orthodontic appliance.

This orthodontic appliance is indicated to correct rotations of the upper molars and prevent their mesio-palatal rotation from being established. It can be active when the omega is tightened and it will cease to be passive. The arch will defeat the molars and perform a slight expansion of the palate.

In addition, it is often used as a space maintainer to maintain the drift space in the deciduous dentition and to maintain the transverse dimension of the arch, to stabilize it.

It is also indicated when an anchorage is required in the upper molars to maintain the space between the incisors and the molars.

The transpalatal arch is frequently used when extractions of upper second premolars are performed and when medium type anchorage is needed, therefore the molars can be moved slightly.

It is important to bear in mind that the palatal arch is contraindicated in the event that a loss of anchorage of the posterior sector of the oral cavity is desired.


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