Are you finding smiling embarrassing? Invisalign may be the solution!


It has been said that the most important thing that you can ever wear is your smile. Many people have the muscles to smile, but have lost the desire to do so, because they are self-conscious about their teeth. At Smile Care Cosmetic Centre we are committed to finding your inner smile and helping you to release it, whilst not feeling embarrassed by your teeth. Misalignment of your teeth, protruding teeth, overbites, underbites and a number of other malocclusion problems affect people mentally and physically. There are a variety of braces and aligners on the market and one of the most innovative that we use is Invisalign in Plymouth.

What you convey

How you are perceived is influenced by many things, your clothes, your walk, your facial expression, etc. A smile can change how you are perceived in the blink of an eye, such is the power of a smile. Smiling is a voluntary and natural option that should be available to all of us and not smiling because of a dental condition should not stop you.

Proud of our achievements!

Our team at Smile Care Cosmetic Centre have been carefully selected for their expertise, talent, knowledge, friendly and caring attitudes. Having crooked teeth or a crowded mouth can make it difficult to come forward and seek help, especially when you have lived with it for a long time. We have treated many patients, realigning their teeth and their pleasure at being able to smile without embarrassment is a special reward for our team.

Patient nurturing

Before we can treat a patient, we like to get to know and understand them as an individual. As individuals we are all different, the way that we approach life is different and the way that we view dentistry differs too. Two patients with the same condition may handle their particular treatment totally differently. We want to know what you regard as the perfect outcome of a particular treatment, and then we will try to exceed those expectations. Our team is adept at helping patients to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Preview of your smile

Correcting your misaligned teeth can be achieved using a variety of dental appliances. After careful assessment of your condition we will explain the possible options to you. One of our most successful treatments is Invisalign in Plymouth. Using the latest 3D scanning equipment we will take thousands of images of the inside of your mouth which will provide us with a perfectly clear 3D image. You will be able to view your current smile and also your smile after treatment.

A convenient solution

Invisalign in Plymouth provides you with a convenient and inconspicuous solution to your dental misalignment condition. The system is different from traditional braces which fit onto your teeth and then require wires and bands to move your teeth. These aligners fit over your teeth, like gumshields. They are produced from a clear thermoplastic which is non toxic. We will produce a series of these aligners to treat your particular condition. Each one of these aligners follows a specific series and is shaped slightly differently so that they will gradually move your teeth, straightening them along the way. You can remove them for cleaning and brushing and to eat. They must be worn for twenty-two hours per day to achieve the desired result. The gap between each new aligner is between two and three weeks depending on your progress.

A new you

Once your treatment has been completed we will provide you with one final aligner which needs to be worn to hold your teeth in their new position and to settle. You can of course still reveal that new, confident smile and let the world know that you have your confidence back and that you are ready to show the world, the new you!