An adult tooth lost, is a tooth lost forever! But dental implants provide a solution


Losing baby teeth is usually rewarded by the tooth fairy, but an adult tooth lost is rewarded by a plethora of dental problems. Oral hygiene has evolved over the centuries and modern dental science has harnessed the rapidly developing world of technology to help you retain and replace lost teeth. The domestic equipment that is available to help you maintain a high level of oral care offers many options. Unfortunately there is still too high a level of tooth loss in the world from poor oral hygiene and of course accidents can dislodge a perfectly healthy tooth. Over time we have got used to dental bridges and dentures as an acceptable alternative to lost natural teeth. A permanent and more stable solution had evaded us for years until an accidental discovery by an orthopaedic surgeon in the 1950s. That discovery has resulted in dental implants in Plymouth as we know them today.

A stable solution

Your natural teeth are secured by their roots which are anchored into your jawbone. It makes perfect sense, therefore, to follow the direction of nature and to replace your lost tooth using the same method. Your teeth can exert as much as 125 kilograms of force with one bite. That kind of force requires a stable platform from which to operate. Dental implants in Plymouth provide a stable platform which is capable of handling that amount of force.

A multinational team

Smile Care Cosmetic Centre has an internationally experienced team who have complementary skills turning them into a dynamic and experienced force, dedicated to helping you to replace your missing teeth. Our skill and expertise, using dental implants in Plymouth, has helped many of our patients restore their eating habits and confident smiles after losing their teeth.

More accessible

Implantology has been around now for decades and the development of the materials, techniques, equipment and skills of the implantologists has evolved. The advances in bone grafting techniques and scientific discoveries have made the procedure accessible to more patients than before. Computer aided technology has refined the procedure and provided greater accuracy and efficiency.

New teeth and much more

When you lose a tooth a number of events will take place. Your jawbone will gradually start to lose some of its density in the location of the lost tooth. Your teeth on either side will try to move towards the gap to compensate for the loss. This means that they are no longer aligned with the teeth above or below them and your bite becomes affected. Your face may start to appear sunken and your speech may be affected. Dentures or a bridge unfortunately rest on top of your gum and therefore will not stimulate the flow of nutrients to your jawbone. All of this can be corrected with an implant.

New techniques

The latest advances allow us to place a single implant to restore one tooth or up to four. Our team at Smile Care Cosmetic Centre, can place four implants to support a mouthful of teeth or to support a full set of dentures which can be removed for cleaning. The options are increasing with each new discovery and our team stays up to date with the latest developments. This way we can confidently provide you with the best treatment available.