Dental caries is the most common oral pathology, of multifactorial origin. The accumulation of remains of oral food creates a favorable culture medium for oral microorganisms, they metabolize the sugars contained in food and initiate the demineralization of teeth.

There are studies that report how changes in diet and consistency in routine oral hygiene considerably decrease the incidence of dental caries. Inside the change of eating habits, we find the consumption of xylitol as a natural sweetener that also reduces the impact of cavities and also offers a series of advantages that we will discuss later.

Dental caires originates when the bacteria present in our oral habitat consume the sugars that come from our diet and are retained between the teeth, the acidic products that are generated from this metabolization process, generates the demineralization of the tooth and the formation of cavities. .

The xylitol is a sugar alcohol that is extracted from birch, a type of tree, and it is a substitute for sugar, they have a similar taste, but unlike other sugar alcohols, it is not fermentable by bacteria in the mouth, way, it has power anticaries.

The glycemic index of xylitol is 7 and it has less than 3 calories per gram and 40% fewer calories than other carbohydrates. We are faced with a natural sweetener, which decomposes in a different way than sugar, in a way that maintains the oral pH neutral, avoiding the demineralization of the enamel (dental outer layer). In addition, depending on the amount of xylitol consumed, its effects can last over time.

Also, with the consumption of xylitol, the bacteria do not reproduce. So, in several studies it has been shown that the use of xylitol in food, as a substitute for sugar, offers two great advantages: reduces the incidence of cavities Y prevents the appearance of this, as it protects teeth against cavities.

Xylitol can be found as a sweetener in different food products: chewing gum, candies, vitamin complexes, among others. There are more and more products with a high concentration of xylitol, with the main action of power anticaries. We can also find it in toothpastes, mouthwashes, oral sprays or even pacifiers for the little ones.

Ultimately, we can see that it is possible sweeten life in a healthy way, that is, promoting the health of our teeth and our health in general.

Caries is a pathology that we can prevent it. The specialists of our dental clinic Smile Care Plymouth Dental Plymouth, ​​mainly advise to carry out a good oral hygiene routine to be able to combat it, be careful and constant with our daily oral hygiene, as well as carry out periodic check-ups at the dentist and consume healthy foods.

Xylitol has proven to be very beneficial in many aspects, as it is interesting to go to the dentist to receive more information about its advantages.



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