When analyzing the smile and making a smile design, more factors must be taken into account apart from dental perfection. This analysis includes an assessment of the harmonic gingival contour.

The healthy gingiva must have a pale pink color, without bleeding, with good consistency and the contour must be in its physiological position, around the tooth. If it is not healthy, it can be altered and cause gingival retractions, gingival bleeding, discoloration and gingival hypertrophy (enlargement of the gum). These alterations are due to an inadequate tooth brushing technique.

The gingivoplasty It is defined as a periodontal surgical procedure by means of which the gum is remodeled, giving it the characteristics of a healthy gum.

This technique is used in dental aesthetics to improve the smile and achieve superior harmony, providing the gingival margins.

How is gingivoplasty performed?

Before performing this surgical procedure, an analysis of the operation should be done. It is properly diagnosed and the exact millimeter amount of gingiva that has to be remodeled is obtained so that the final appearance is harmonious, functional and aesthetic.

Once the case has been analyzed, the intervention proceeds. It is a procedure lasting less than one hour.

Gingivoplasty is performed under local anesthesia. The gum that has to be remodeled is measured and marked. The gingiva is then reshaped with a scalpel blade or laser. One of the advantages of the latter, the laser, is that intraoperative bleeding is avoided or reduced.

When is gingivoplasty indicated?

Gingivectomy is a procedure that is indicated for aesthetic problems of the gum. So that a more harmonious smile and an increase in self-esteem are acquired. There are many indications, some of them are the following.

  • Gingival enlargement. It can be caused by a number of factors, such as medications. Among them, one of the most common is after orthodontic treatment where good oral hygiene has not been maintained. The gums can grow due to the appearance of repetitive gingivitis. In these cases the solution is gingivoplasty.
  • Gummy smile. In cases where a lot of gum is shown when smiling, gingivectomy can be performed. Before proceeding with the intervention, the cause for which more gum is shown when smiling must be assessed.
  • Margins irregular gingivae. With gingivectomy, the margins are aligned, remaining regular and balanced with the contralateral tooth.
  • Periodontal pockets larger than 3 millimeters. In these particular cases it is very important that the periodontics specialist has indicated it, since they are specific cases. These pockets must be fibrotic and firm, they also do not have to be active and periodontal disease has to be controlled both professionally and personally.

It is important to note that before performing this gum intervention, each particular case is assessed by a periodontist, by the periodontist.


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