It is very common especially In children that when suffering a trauma a tooth has been fractured, and in adults it is not usually seen as much, but there are also cases, especially those who practice sport are at greater risk of being hit to the face and causing a broken tooth.

In children, it should be differentiated whether it is a temporary tooth (of milk) or permanent (definitive) since the treatment that will be carried out will be different. In both cases, go to the dentist immediately To give you the best solution since the root of the tooth could be affected, in the dental office through the use of X-rays they will look at the degree of involvement of the nerve, the formation of the root, the amount of tooth structure that remains to be rebuild it and the eruption state of the tooth, thus being able to carry out the most appropriate treatment for that tooth.

When a patient suffers a trauma and fractures the tooth, in the case of having the fragment fractured, he must save it and take it to the dentist immediately since if possible after a review they could cement it and thus avoid restoration.

Depending on the extent of the fracture, if it covers only enamel or enamel and dentine or if the nerve, the treatment plan will vary. From a simple reconstruction with composite (more commonly called filling) to performing the endodontics of that piece (treatment of the nerve or killing the nerve) in more extreme cases if it is impossible to rebuild the fractured tooth or if other structures are compromised, the affected tooth should be extracted.

If it is an enamel fracture, the dental reconstruction it will be made with composite using a color similar to the natural tooth. If the fracture involves enamel and dentin, the fractured tooth will be reconstructed in the same way and depending on the extent of the fracture, a crown (or sleeve) or incrustation to prevent re-fracture. When the fracture affects the dental pulp (nerve of the affected tooth), there are different treatments depending on whether the tooth is temporary; pulp coverings, a pulpotomy or pulpectomy can be performed; or if it is permanent, a pulp capping, endodontics, among others, could be performed.

Before any type of treatment for a fracture, radiographic controls Y clinical to assess the vitality of the piece for 3 months. In addition, it is possible that after dental trauma, whether or not the tooth has been fractured, there is a change in the color of that tooth; If it darkens, it means that the nerve of the tooth is necrotizing and we will have to go to the dentist to make a treatment plan (Make an appointment in Plymouth).

There are cases where the tooth falls out completely of the alveolus, in this case it would be called dental avulsionThese situations do not usually occur very often, but if it happens, it will be necessary to take into account if the tooth is temporary or if it is a permanent tooth.

If it is a temporary tooth, it will not be reimplanted (repositioned) as the permanent tooth could be damaged by trying to re-implant the temporary one. If it is a permanent tooth then yes that could be reimplanted. In the event that happens we must calm down, if we have the tooth it is important that we put it in a container with milk, the child’s saliva or physiological serum and go as quickly as possible to the dental office since the longer it takes to reimplant it (in the case it can be reimplanted) the prognosis of that tooth will change.

In the event of any type of trauma to dental studio Plymouth We have the best dentists in Plymouth to respond to any emergency due to dental trauma that occurs in the consultation. Our endodontic specialist will specify if you have to act immediately or if you have to have an expectant behavior for a few months.



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