Facial aesthetics is a value that has acquired great value in multiple fields, cultural, scientific, among them, in the field of odontology.

There are many patients who come to our dental clinic Smile Care Plymouth Dental Plymouth, ​​with the desire to obtain a perfect smile. People attach great importance to facial beauty, as it is the reflection of our own identity in the face of society and allows us to acquire a very pleasant facial image and an aspect of oral health.

Among the many aspects that are related to the subject of dental aesthetics, we find different factors that are taken into account, such as: smile line, the canine line, the midline, the proportional size of the teeth, the tooth color and shape, the vertical dimension, the facial proportion and symmetry etc.

In this article, we focus on evaluating the parameters related to the aesthetics of the smile line, both the factors that influence the aesthetics of the smile, as well as the great value of achieving a pleasant and attractive smile, which reflects a cheerful and friendly character of the person.

The literature that deals with this matter defines that the smile line must describe a curved line, which is parallel to the lower lip.

Also, the gingival lineIn other words, the imaginary line resulting from joining the gum-tooth margins of an entire arch, must also be parallel to the patient’s smile line.

The superior lip of the patient must reach the gingival margin, the tooth-gum junction area, of the upper incisor teeth (the most anterior teeth) or 2-4 mm from the gum, and rise towards the commissures. According to the lip line, we can find three types of smiles. The high smile refers to the exposure of the entire upper incisor teeth and a wide gum band. The medium smile, when between 75-100% of the upper incisors are exposed and the low smile, in which only 75% of the upper incisors are observed.

The size and shape of the teeth of each of the arches must be proportional, as is also important their visibility. In a perfect smile line, the ideal is the exposure from molar to molar.

Another important factor in the aesthetics of the smile is the absence of black / dark spaces that appear between the two arches and between the upper arch and the corners when smiling, they are usually triangular in shape and are unsightly when they are highly visible.

As also, an ideal smile line is one in which the dental midline, that is, imaginary line between the two upper central incisor teeth, must coincide with the facial midline.

Finally, we can see that multiple factors that intervene in the facial aesthetics of the smile must be taken into account, as well as the great value it acquires in the beauty and general health aspects of the person. The specialists of our dental clinic Smile Care Plymouth Dental Plymouth always take into account all the factors described above and apply them in the performance of any rehabilitative treatment to obtain a great aesthetic result in all their patients.



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