We can define the occlusal plane as an imaginary line that extends from the incisal edges of the front teeth and passes through the tips of the cusps of the posterior teeth.

The role of the occlusal plane in the aesthetic analysis of the smile

For any oral rehabilitation treatment, the aesthetic plane of the smile is taken into account. This plane is parallel to the lower lipTherefore, an aesthetic relationship is obtained when the occlusal plane follows its curvature. In this way, in an aesthetic analysis of the smile, said plane allows the dentist to observe the entire arch, being an analysis always carried out with the patient smiling.

The midline in relation to the occlusal plane and aesthetics

In professional terms, middle line, which lies between the central incisors (most front teeth), should be perpendicular to the occlusal plane. Both parts allow the patient’s smile to be evaluated proportionally, in addition to being related, they must also be consistent with the characteristics of the facial set.

In an ideal aesthetic standard, the maxillary midline described should coincide with the facial midline. When the midline between incisals presents these characteristics, the smile is aesthetically and functionally balanced.

When patients seek aesthetic solutions, they generally seek to correct irregularities or misalignments that do not meet the ideal characteristics in terms of the occlusal plane or midline. The truth is that in nature nothing is perfectly symmetrical, so there are no perfectly aligned teeth.

More and more people want to correct their problems, the ultimate goal is to achieve the results expected by the patient and achieve a natural appearance of the teeth, always with small changes according to the described symmetry.

The position of the canines, another criterion of the aesthetic analysis of the smile

Not only the occlusal plane and the midline have a relevant role in the aesthetic analysis of the smile. Among others, there is the canine position, also important to obtain good harmony and general aesthetic success.

The ideal proportion of the teeth, postulates that the canine, seen from an external perspective of the mouth, should only be observed in the most anterior face.

Knowledge of aesthetic parameters is essential for a correct diagnosis and to establish a good treatment plan. The occlusal plane, the midline and the position of the canines are factors that determine esthetic balance. Nevertheless, they are not the only ones.

At our dental clinic Smile Care Plymouth Dental Plymouth, the quality of our specialist dentists is determined by their complete knowledge in dental aesthetics. They carry out a good treatment plan through the diagnostic wax-up and aesthetic analysis, to obtain an almost perfect proportion between the teeth and the smile with the rest of the facial face.

In short, performing a good occlusal analysis is essential to achieve a good oral rehabilitation, and that it is durable and functional through any type of treatment.


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