Dental aesthetics is part of dentistry based on principles and techniques to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and natural smile.

Its main objective is maintain the harmonic and natural beauty of the teeth. In such a way that the aesthetic zone of the mouth, the anterior sector of the oral cavity, is improved, always respecting the neutrality and aesthetics of the teeth, making a smile as natural as possible.

In most cosmetic dental treatments, a smile design is required before starting the treatment. This design is based on a study and personalized planning of each case, thanks to photographs taken during previous visits. In addition, impressions of the dental arches of the patient are made by means of which the diagnostic wax-up can be made where the case is studied in more detail and individualized planning materializes. Finally, the mock-up is carried out, this being the last step to be carried out before starting.

Throughout the treatment, the patient is involved in each step, having all the freedom to give their opinion and being able to make modifications so that the final result is as expected and desired.

How the mock-up influences dental aesthetics

The mock-up It is a prototype of a smile design that is obtained thanks to a wax-up, called a diagnostic wax-up. The purpose of the mock-up is to capture the final result of the smile design in the patient’s own mouth.. In this way, the design obtained can be evaluated both functionally and aesthetically, in order to make the necessary adjustments.

The mock-up is achieved through an initial impression of the patient. The impression is cast with plaster and a duplicate model is obtained on top of which the diagnostic wax-up will be performed, the latter being similar to the objective that is to be achieved at the end of the treatment.

Once the diagnostic set-up has been carried out, a wax-up key is made with a silicone. This silicone is responsible for power reproduce the diagnostic wax-up in the patient’s mouth.

Using the silicone key, it is filled with a specific provisional material for the mock-up and the key is inserted in the corresponding area. Wait for the temporary material to harden and remove the key. Finally, the excesses are cleaned and the design obtained is retouched.

The mock-up also serves as a tool throughout the smile treatment process. Being part of all kinds of aesthetic therapy that is carried out, as for example in coronary lengthening as well.



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