The invisalign system is constantly updated and reinvented, thus creating the new invisalign G5 system, this system It is aimed at all those cases of patients with deep bite, that is, to patients whose upper teeth excessively cover the lower teeth.

Invisalign G5 introduces new attachments, pressure zones and bite ramps strategically placed on the teeth or in the aligners that help to level the occlusal plane and achieve a more efficient and satisfactory correction of the problems of overbite. This new system introduces:

  • New Anchor Attachments: in premolars designed to increase control of anterior intrusion and thus level the curve of Spee. These attachments are what determine the movement of the teeth, and have been optimized in canines and premolars and are perfectly adapted to each patient’s tooth. The fact that the Brace is now adapted not only to the patient, but to each of their teeth, makes it possible to exert the necessary force in the most precise place, thus achieving greater speed in orthodontic treatment. In case of lifting the bite with the new precision bite ramps, these attachments produce an extrusion of the premolars, these two options improve the treatment of the deep bite and make it more predictable.
  • New pressure zones in lower incisors: to achieve a more precise intrusion movement along the axial axis of the lower incisor.
  • Precision bite ramps: to lift the bite and deoculate the posterior teeth in order to allow extrusion of the premolars and thus improve the effectiveness of overbite treatments.
  • Some hooks are also added so that the orthodontist can place the elastic hooks that help to reposition the patient’s bite.

Thanks to the advances proposed by this brand in the Invisalign G5, more and more cases are solved with this type of invisible orthodontics. thanks to these improvements more benefits have been added to orthodontics with Invisalign. Patients obtain in each treatment:

  • Greater comfort throughout orthodontic treatment, since they can remove the aligner whenever they need it, to eat, clean their teeth, etc.
  • It is a very aesthetic option because I do not know how to see it, since it is about transparent braces.
  • The time of orthodontics and visits to the dentist itself is shortened, since you only have to go to change the Brace, without risking the fall and / or loss of brackets



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