The interdental papillaAs its name suggests, it refers to the periodontal tissue (gingiva) that is located between tooth and tooth, at the point of contact between the two and the base of the bone.

Its shape is determined by the tooth-tooth contact relationship and covers the width of this interproximal space. In the anterior teeth sector, the papilla acquires a pyramidal shape, and in the posterior sectors, at the level of the molars, the papilla has a flatter anatomy.

Thus, the papilla offers a very aesthetic result, as it covers the black space between tooth and tooth. Likewise, the interdental papilla is very important at the level functional because it prevents food from being retained between tooth and tooth and protects the creation of cavities in that area of ​​the dental neck.

Sometimes, the loss of the interdental papilla may occur, such as, for example, during periodontal surgery that generates recessions (migration of the gum towards the apical of the tooth, exposing the tooth root), or also, dental extractions, traumatic damage, etc. .

The specialists of our dental clinic Smile Care Plymouth Dental Plymouth advise to have an exhaustive care of the dental papillae, not to carry out very aggressive tooth brushing, due to the important role they play both at the functional What aesthetic.



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