At present, the aesthetics of soft tissues has taken on great importance in teeth and implants, especially the aesthetic zone, that is, the anterior sector of the oral cavity.

The BOPT technique in dentistry comes from the acronym in English of Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique which means the biologically oriented dental preparation technique. The objective of this innovative dental technique seeks to achieve a greater thickness of soft tissues by reducing tooth volume with grinding.

Thanks to this technique, dental preparations without finishing margin are obtained. In this way, a greater volume of the soft tissues is achieved, improving their stability in the medium and long term. In this way, an emergence profile that is as natural as possible is obtained.

The type of preparation that is carried out during dental grinding is essential to achieve an adequate soft tissue thickness, which is why it is one of the most desirable characteristics in dental aesthetics.

With the dental technique called BOPT, a space is provided for the blood clot and subsequently the dental provisional stabilizes this space and allows the biological response to be controlled.

Advantages of the BOPT technique

  • Give aesthetics and long-term stability since it is possible to give an adequate volume to the tissues.
  • Control of the biological response of tissues, by changing the thickness of these tissues and regenerating connective tissue.
  • Avoid the need to perform some type of mucogingival surgery.

For the placement of a crown either on a dental implant or on the teeth itself, it is necessary to carry out a preparation of the area so that it can receive the prosthesis. Thanks to the BOPT technique, the approach is biological, so that the morphological conditions that are created are adequate so that biologically the tissues gradually increase in thickness and the desired aesthetics is achieved.

Thus, this technique is a very innovative technique that is currently present in dentistry and specifically in the specialty of cosmetic dentistry. The BOMPT dental technique is widely used to perform prosthetic restorations, especially in the anterior sector, either on implants or on the natural tooth, in order to achieve a thickness of the soft tissues that meet the desired characteristics, and thus achieve a suitable and desired aesthetic.


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