In dental today, more and more aesthetic treatments are carried out in dental clinics. Dental treatments related to dental aesthetics are all those that seek and aim to improve the smile, such as dental veneers, orthodontics or teeth whitening.


Teeth whitening is a treatment that is within the dental specialty of aesthetics, through which the smile is improved. It is a procedure with which an improvement in the color of the smile is achieved in a simple and safe way. With whitening we are able to reduce the shade of the teeth and thus obtain a whiter dental coloration to show off a pleasant and natural smile.

The teeth are whitened thanks to the application of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, through which oxygen atoms are released. This released oxygen is filtered through the enamel and dentin structure, breaking down the pigment molecules into simpler, colorless molecules. In this way, the treated teeth are whitening.

Before performing any type of teeth whitening, professional dental hygiene is performed. In this way, it is ensured to act on a sanitized and plaque-free mouth.


Teeth whitening Philips Zoom is based on the application of LED light on dental surfaces which have a bleaching agent, such as hydrogen peroxide, so that This light activates the agent making the whitening work effectively and an effect is achieved more quickly.

It is done by applying this whitening agent, which is a chemical product placed on the vestibular surface of the teeth by administering LED light. Philips Zoom. Through the red-ox reaction (reduction-oxidation), hydrogen peroxide, being a very unstable compound, tends to separate one of the oxygen particles to obtain water (H2O), which is stable, and oxygen. (O), which is free in the middle where it is. This oxygen e binds to the molecules responsible for the coloration of the tooth, which are usually very large. Here the red-ox reaction occurs and causes the large molecules that obscure the tooth to break down into smaller molecules. As they become small, they lighten, thereby lightening the tooth. In addition, they become more soluble and it is easier to remove them from tooth structures.

Teeth whitening treatment Philips Zoom usually lasts 1 hour (60 minutes). This whitening is performed in the dental clinic by protecting soft tissue (including dental gums) and applying this whitening agent to the buccal surface of the teeth. Combined with the LED light of Philips Zoom for better the effect of the product.


Teeth whitening Philips Zoom It is usually indicated in those patients who are not satisfied with the color of their teeth. In addition, its main indications are in those where there is dental discoloration, such as aging, mild dental fluorosis, imperfect dentinogenesis or light staining.

Before starting teeth whitening, some basic prior considerations must be taken into account in order to perform a good treatment. A detailed history should first be performed, with the reason for consultation, medical considerations, and an assessment of the patient’s habits. Afterwards, the oral and complementary examinations are carried out. Record taking such as colorimetry is also important to accurately color prior to treatment. Finally, before making the treatment plan, a certain diagnosis and establishing a prognosis is essential.

It is important to note that the success of teeth whitening and its longevity depends on the habits of the patient.



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