Orthodontic treatments are usually performed using appliances placed inside the oral cavity, unrelated to it and to which the body is not used to it.For this reason, sometimes, especially at the beginning of treatment, this appliance can cause chafing, ulcers and wounds in specific areas that are usually annoying, until the mouth does not get used to the devices, as time goes by.

To avoid friction from braces and lips or cheeks, there are products such as orthodontic wax which helps to soften this friction.

What is orthodontic wax?

Orthodontic wax is a soft material that comes in a stick format in a small box. This wax is not toxic, so it is compatible with the body.

The wax is applied on the different orthodontic appliances that protrude from the teeth, such as brackets, arches or metal bands. This appliance, therefore, can cause injuries due to friction with the tongue or the inner face of the cheeks.

The wax, placed on the appliances, acts by creating a thin protective layer that prevents injuries to the mucosa.

How is orthodontic wax used?

To use orthodontic wax it is important to carry out a good tooth brushing to keep the area free of food debris and dental plaque. Once this is done, you have to dry the area where the wax is to be placed, with a little paper or a cotton ball, so that it can adhere better.

To place it, you must first take a piece of one of the wax bars and break a piece slightly larger than the bracket or the orthodontic appliance that causes the chafing. Next, the wax is rounded with the fingers and the piece is brought to the bracket where there is the discomfort. Finally, the piece of wax is pressed against the bracket, and as the bracket has retentive areas, the wax will remain hooked.

In this way, a protective barrier is created between the appliance and the mucosa of the mouth and will prevent further chafing.

Orthodontic wax tips

During the first days of orthodontic treatment, it is recommended to use the wax to prevent all kinds of erosions in the oral mucosa and thus also prevent the discomfort that these abrasions cause.

The wax is not toxic, so if you swallow it while you are eating it, nothing happens.

Orthodontic wax can harden in the cold, nothing happens. With the same heat of the fingers when rounding it becomes soft and can be handled.


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