What is the clincheck in Invisalign?

To start with the invisalign treatment you will first have to make an appointment with the orthodontist, during this first visit we will take molds of your teeth and photos of your face and teeth to carry out a study prior to treatment where the orthodontist will assess the most appropriate treatment for each of you.

Once the study has been carried out, you will have an appointment with the orthodontist where he will explain the treatment plan that he will follow, the duration and how the system works. invisalign. This treatment is carried out with a computer program called Clincheck, where we can see the different movements that our teeth will make during the treatment and we can see how they will look at the end of the treatment even before it has started.

The clincheck is a virtual simulation of invisible orthodontics, with which we will be able to see the different movements during the different stages of the treatment until the final result where the teeth will be fully aligned and in their correct position.

With the models that the orthodontist takes previously, a 3D study by computer with the clincheck program, with this program the orthodontist will be able to assess and make the necessary changes to move the patient’s teeth during the invisalign treatment. Once the movements that the teeth have to perform have been determined, the removable (removable) aligners (transparent covers) that the patient will wear during orthodontic treatment with invisalign will be elborated. These aligners have to be changed every 15 days to move the teeth little by little until the end of the treatment.

With Clincheck software we can to plan the different orthodontic treatments with invisalign, design the aligners and simulate tooth movements, from the start of treatment to the end of treatment.

Once everything is explained and the patient is satisfied, the treatment with the first aligners will begin, it is important that you attend the dental consultation at the agreed times to be able to control and monitor the changes that are being made in the position of your teeth and so that they give you the new aligners and so on be able to change them every 2 weeks.

At Smile Care Plymouth we have specialists in orthodontics trained with the new invisible orthodontic treatments such as invisalign, with this we will be able to straighten the teeth through the use of dental aligners or aligners (covers of your teeth) that are practically invisible since they are transparent and have the characteristic that you can take them off and put them on so that it is easier for you at mealtime. They’re done tailored of each patient’s teeth. In addition to the aligners, attachments are placed on the teeth, these are geometric devices attached to the tooth that are made of composite (material with which fillings are made) of the same color as the natural tooth that help to place the tooth in the correct position.They are easy and comfortable to wear. You shall change aligners Every two weeks as you progress with the treatment, the teeth gradually move with the help of the aligners until reaching the end of the treatment where the teeth will be perfectly aligned.

On Smile Care Plymouth Dental Plymouth We offer orthodontic treatments supervised and previously studied by a specialist who after a first visit will explain the procedure to follow, the time that the treatment will last and the type of orthodontics that best suits your dental and skeletal conditions to promote dental alignment. If you have any questions about invisalign treatment, do not hesitate to contact us by calling: 93 410 39 68, +34 93 410 91 89; or via email: [email protected]; we will be happy to answer all your questions.


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