Lost a tooth? Dental implants in Plymouth, replacing teeth by imitating natural teeth!


There are many consequences of losing a tooth, either through accident or because of several other reasons. Restoring your teeth to their full complement should be a priority. In the event of you losing a tooth or teeth, there are a number of options available to you. Depending on how many teeth you have lost, you can choose from different types of bridges, partial dentures, full dentures or dental implants in Plymouth. The latter option provides the most stable and natural-looking prosthetic tooth replacement.

Take care, and they will remain in there!

At Smile Care Cosmetic Centre, we promote preventive dentistry because the better your oral hygiene, the more likely your teeth will remain healthy and stay in your mouth. Unavoidable accidents can cause you to suffer the loss of a tooth, and some illnesses and medication can also contribute to tooth loss. Therefore, you must protect your dental assets by simply brushing your teeth at least twice a day and remembering to visit our surgery at least every six months. This simple routine is effective in reducing your chances of losing teeth unnecessarily.

Why should I replace lost teeth?

As an adult, you should enjoy a full set of 32 teeth; this may sound like a lot, and you may think that losing one does not matter. Losing a tooth does matter for a number of reasons! Your teeth perform and facilitate a variety of functions, such as chewing your food properly so that your stomach can digest what you eat, protecting your gums and helping you to pronounce your words when you speak. The full number of teeth in your mouth helps to create an even balance when you exert pressure to chew. Then, of course, there is the mental benefit that you receive when you smile. If you can’t chew your food properly, you may prefer to eat softer, easy-to-eat foods, which may not be healthy, resulting in weight gain, which, of course, can affect your health. The imbalance that missing teeth cause can also result in an uneven distribution of pressure when you chew, resulting in pains in your jaw. Over time, the density of your jawbone will also deteriorate, giving your face a sunken look.

Implantology, a modern solution

Providing a scientifically proven replacement for lost teeth based on how your natural teeth work seems like a logical way to tackle the problem of missing teeth in the twenty-first century. At Smile Care Cosmetic Centre, our team can provide you with dental services backed up by their local and international experience, skills and expertise. Our practice was established in 2011, and we have restored the smiles of many patients over the subsequent years using dental implants in Plymouth. We will guide you, explain in detail what the best options are for you and answer all your questions so that you can make an informed decision. Age is not a barrier to having dental implants in Plymouth; all it takes is one phone call. Our friendly team will give you advice and make an appointment so that you can enjoy this modern permanent solution to lost teeth.