“Amazing job – I’m so pleased with my new smile” – Jodie

I came to Smile Care to get a better smile – whiter, straighter teeth. A Hollywood Smile. Dr Toploski has done an Amazing job – I’m so pleased with my new smile.

Jodie’s Story

Jodie came to Smile Care as she had wanted whiter, straighter teeth. Teeth that gave her a “Hollywood Smile”.

Her teeth were uneven and slightly crooked with some dicolouration.


Jodie Dart Smile Before

Jodie Dart Teeth Before

Dr Topolski recommended that Jodie undergo Cosmetic Dentistry work to create the smile she wanted. The Cosmetic Dentistry work involved designing, creating and fitting a mix of veneers and crowns to give the end result taht Jodie was looking for.


Jodie Dart Smile After

Jodie Dart Teeth After