“Amazing job – I’m so pleased with my new smile” – Jodie I came to Smile Care to get a better smile – whiter, straighter teeth. A Hollywood Smile. Dr Toploski has done an Amazing job – I’m so pleased with my new smile. Jodie’s Story Jodie came to Smile Care as she had wanted whiter, straighter teeth. Teeth that gave her a “Hollywood Smile”. Her teeth were uneven and slightly crooked with some dicolouration. Before Dr Topolski recommended that Jodie undergo Cosmetic Dentistry work to create the smile she wanted. The Cosmetic Dentistry work involved designing, creating and fitting[...]
Top tips for fresher cleaner teeth from Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth As the leading cosmetic dentist in the Plymouth area, it’s surprising just how often we get asked: “How do I keep my breath clean and fresh?” So here are our top tips to help improve your oral hygiene and ensure fresh breath. Essentially, good oral hygiene prevents gum disease and tooth decay. It’s also an important part of your overall general health. Firstly, it’s important that you brush your teeth correctly every night before going to bed and every morning.  If you aren’t sure then ask your dentist[...]
Let Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth look after your smile Most of us either dread the dentist or just don’t particularly enjoy the experience, and you would be hard pushed to find someone who actually likes it. Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth fully understand this, but also know their customers long for a beautiful smile. The environment at Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth is comfortable and relaxed, and the highly experienced dentists will sure you feel as much at ease as possible, even if you are completely terrified! They pay excellent attention to detail to give you the smile you[...]
Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth offer You 5 Tips for finding the Right Cosmetic Dentist Increasing numbers of people are looking to get the ‘right’ kind of smile and, as a result, cosmetic dentistry is booming. But how do you find the right cosmetic dentist? Here at Smilecare Cosmetic Centre we can help deliver that wish – and if you aren’t looking for a cosmetic dentist in the Plymouth area then here are a few tips to help you find the right dentist for you. You deserve the very best treatment from the best dentist so don’t be afraid to[...]