Thanks to advances and technology in dentistry, it has been possible to investigate more about different materials so that the result is more similar to the teeth themselves and that it is obtained successful treatment. It is for this reason that one of the most current materials is dental zirconia, widely used for dental bridges.

What are zirconium dental bridges?

Zirconium is a metal which is found within the periodic table of the elements. This material is found in nature as part of many minerals, such as zirconia sand. This sand is the raw material to obtain the pure metal zirconia and the zirconium oxide ceramic, called zirconia. It is important to know that zirconium is a very hard chemical element and at the same time highly resistant to corrosion, similar to steel. In addition, it is one of the materials that has the highest biocompatibility, which makes it a very interesting material for dental prosthesis.

Zirconia dental bridges offer multiple advantages, which is why they are used very frequently in dentistry. Provide an aesthetic finish so that they perfectly simulate the natural tooth itself. In this way, a very attractive and natural smile is established at the same time. So it is one of the ones that offers the most aesthetics and is the best alternative for aesthetic restorations in the previous sector.

What are the indications for zirconia dental bridges?

Zirconia dental bridges are usually indicated mainly in those oral restorations where the aesthetic sector is compromised, that is, in the anterior sector, that of the smile.

They are indicated in this type of rehabilitation since it is a material that offers great aesthetic advantages Because as the bridge is free of metal, a very pleasant appearance is obtained with characteristics similar to those of the natural tooth itself.

Dental bridges made of this type of material are usually also used for prosthetic restorations on dental implants, replacing the lost tooth in an invaluable way, since the aesthetics and function of the edentulous sector are completely reestablished.

In summary, it can be said that zirconia dental bridges offer great advantages in the previous sector since it is a very aesthetic and highly biocompatible material, so it provides an attractive and natural smile.



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