One of the treatments that is most in demand in dentistry is professional oral hygiene Also called tartectomy or prophylaxis, it is a procedure that has the function of eliminating the existing bacterial plaque in the cavity and which in turn has a function of prevention to present oral pathologies.

In broad terms, dental hygiene is carried out in order to remove tartar, plaque, stains that are on the tooth surface or that have penetrated between the gums and teeth.

It should only be done by a professional either a dentist or dental hygienist, since if it is not performed by an expert we can damage the enamel causing serious oral problems, normally the procedure is carried out between 30 to 40 minutes.

Everyone can undergo professional oral hygiene treatment as long as they do not present oral pathologies of another nature such as periodontitis since they are patients who They not only need oral hygiene but also additional periodontic treatments, in order to restore health to the gums.

Performing professional hygiene annually is vital to maintain healthy teeth and gums. In addition to the recommendations for proper tooth brushing with a specific technique, the use of dental floss and rinses is important, but it will be just as important to periodically attend the check-ups proposed by the dentist.

You can take advantage of the annual review visit to perform oral hygiene treatment, the guideline to perform a tartectomy is one a year although there are patients who require two a year, it will depend on each patient.

It is a treatment in which both patients and dentists reach a consensus that it can be annoying, but at the same time painless. This will be related to the degree of sensitivity of the patient and the experience of the professional. If the patient has a high degree of sensitivity, there is always the option of using local anesthesia.

The benefits of dental hygiene carried out by the professional are multiple in addition to the elimination of bacterial plaque, the professional makes persistent stains disappear and can apply fluoride for professional use to improve the quality of the enamel.

You have to take care of oral health Because having health passes through having oral health, if you do not have proper oral hygiene you can have gum problems, halitosis, cavities among other dental pathologies.

Normally to perform oral hygiene the dentist or dental hygienist uses an ultrasonic device that is responsible for breaking the accumulation of plaque or tartar the device by means of sound waves With rapid vibrations at the tip of the instrument while irrigating water, it eliminates plaque, bacteria, plaque and tartar.

At Smile Care Plymouth we recommend regular oral hygiene not allowing the accumulation of excess plaque and it is always carried out by the dental hygienist or dentist who, in addition to professional oral hygiene that consists of removing plaque and polishing the teeth, Since after removing the tartar, the patient will have the sensation of having a rough or rough textured tooth surface, this sensation disappears once the professional polishes with a paste to tone and equalize the exposed surface, which was previously covered with tartar. .

They will also perform an explanation of the most appropriate oral hygiene according to the type of patientThey will also recommend the most suitable brush according to the case, and they will instruct us in the use of dental floss.


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