The concern for aesthetics has acquired more and more value in multiple fields, including the field of odontology. Patients come to the dental clinic interested in knowing their oral health, as well as concerned about the appearance of their teeth, which over time have lost their white color.

There are many patients who want to achieve a perfect smile. Because of this, the teeth whitening is one of the treatments more defendants to improve the aesthetics of the smile. Among all cosmetic dental treatments, dental cleanings are the most demanded cosmetic dental treatment, followed by dental reconstructions in second place and teeth whitening in third place.

These types of aesthetic treatments tend to shoot up at the end of spring and the first months of summer, reaching the peak of demand around the month of May.

Tooth whitening is one of the aesthetic treatments that has grown the most in recent years, given the concern on the part of patients for its aesthetics, as well as the appearance of economically attractive offers.

Therefore, there are many patients who take the opportunity to go to the dental office to have a teeth whitening before your vacation starts, so you can wear a perfect smile.

There are different types of teeth whitening, one that is performed at the dental clinic, another at the patient’s home, or a combination of both. The dental whitening performed in a clinic Lasts approximately 45 minutes, this teeth whitening is done by applying a whitening gel and applying LED light.

The teeth whitening in caThis is done by applying a whitening gel to covers tailored to the patient’s teeth at night at home. Finally, the mixed teeth whitening that allows combining the technique of photoactivation in the clinic with whitening at home.

The effectiveness of professional whitening techniques has been proven on several occasions. It is essential to carry out supervision by our trusted dentist during tooth whitening, as well as to indicate if we present a lot of sensitivity or any symptoms of pain during treatment.

The professionals of our dental clinic Smile Care Plymouth Dental Plymouth advise to carry out one or the other according to the characteristics or needs of the patient. Likewise, they advise you to correctly follow the instructions indicated by the manufacturer.



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