There are many patients who, due to financial problems or fear of going to the dentist, prefer to extract their natural teeth to save them. From the point of view of conservative dentistry, we have to say that patients who act in this way are wrong.

Conservative dentistry aims to treat natural teeth in order to avoid loss, with this we have a wide variety of different types of dental treatments in order to maintain the health of the teeth and keep them in the mouth. Treatments such as fillings, root canals or treatments to maintain healthy gums.

Maintaining our natural teeth must be a priority both for ourselves and for the dentist who is treating us. It is better to have natural teeth than dental implants, not only because of the economic factor, which will be more profitable for us to carry out treatments in order to save that tooth than not to place an implant that is much more expensive. In addition, aesthetically nothing will be as natural and comfortable as your own teeth.

On the other hand, natural teeth have proprioceptive receptors in the roots that inform us of the force we make when chewing, this does not happen with dental implants, with dental implants, we are not aware of the force we exert when chewing, and for this reason there may be complications due to excessive chewing force such as the breakage of the ceramic or the dental prosthesis.

For these reasons it is important to preserve natural teeth, it is also easier to have good hygiene with natural teeth than with some type of prosthesis. The treatments that are most performed in the consultation as restorative treatments are:

  • Sealing of pits and fissures– This treatment is done when there is a high risk of tooth decay. The sealing of pits and fissures is a protection against the proliferation of cavities that can develop during childhood and adolescence.
  • Seals: or more commonly called fillings, this treatment is performed under local anesthesia, and all cavities that affect the tooth are removed and filled with a material of the same color as the natural tooth.
  • Reconstructions: dental reconstruction is performed on those teeth that have been fractured or severely destroyed, in order to recover the tooth’s anatomy. They are carried out when the extension exceeds that of the fillings.
  • Root canals: many patients call it killing the nerve of the tooth. A root canal is performed when the nerve of the tooth is affected, either by causes such as cavities where bacteria have come into contact with the dental pulp (the nerve of the tooth) after having damaged the enamel (outermost layer of the tooth) and dentin (intermediate layer between enamel and dental pulp); or due to some trauma that that tooth has received and the nerve has been damaged. This treatment is carried out mainly to keep the tooth in the mouth and not having to extract it since as we have explained before, it is always better to keep your teeth in your mouth.



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