At Smile Care Plymouth Dental Plymouth, we have the latest techniques and all the necessary technology to replace dental absence with Titanium dental implantsHowever, we consider that the best Implants are your teeth and for this reason, we describe several ways to prevent tooth loss.

Dental implant for advanced caries

Tooth decay is a dental disease, in which factors such as the intake of sugary or acidic foods, little or no poor dental hygiene, the pH of saliva, etc. These can irreversibly destroy tooth components, such as enamel, dentin and pulp (nerve). This destruction occurs through the demineralization of the tissue, caused by the acidic residues of the bacteria, which feed on the remains of food or drinks, which have not been removed by tooth brushing.

When the destruction of the dental tissues is very severe and reaches the nerve, it must be treated with a root canal or root canal treatment, commonly known as killing the nerve.

If the destruction is very severe and the tooth cannot be restored or rebuilt after treat nerve tooth, then it will need to be removed and replaced by a dental implant or for a porcelain prosthesis.

Dental implant for periodontal problems

When the bacteria that we have in our mouth, instead of destroying the dental tissue, participate in the formation of the tartar or calculus and this accumulates in large quantities on the teeth, without being removed immediately, the destruction, also irreversible, of the bone that supports them is generated and therefore, the teeth become loose and can later be lost.

When the patient loses their teeth, due to the mobility generated by tartar, they will have 2 treatment options removable prosthesis or the Dental implants, which will offer a choice of fixed teeth.

How do I know if I have cavities, to prevent these problems?

Cariess is visually distinguishable as a black or brown spot on the outermost part of the tooth. At the beginning, caries does not generate pain and it is when it approaches the nerve, when it begins to cause discomfort, usually with cold, hot, sugary or acidic foods. If this incipient point is not treated or controlled in your dental clinic, it can grow, therefore we recommend that visit your dentist periodically, in order to prevent the advance of this disease.

How do I know if I am going to lose my teeth due to dental mobility?

The first sign is the presence of a white and hard substance that adheres to the teeth, this is often overlooked since it is in non-visible areas. The next sign will be in redness and sometimes bleeding gums, this indicates that the disease is active and may be destroying the dental support bone. Finally and in advanced cases, the gingiva begins to move down, since its support that is the bone, is being lost.

Do not wait to have irreversible processes that may lead to the need for a dental implant. The best treatment is prevention and this will allow you to keep your teeth healthy and strong for life.



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