There are many of us who do not know why, but we make cavities every two by threeWe brush our teeth and I still have cavities. If I brush three times a day! Will they be passed from one tooth to another? What am I doing wrong? Will it be the diet? And if it doesn’t hurt at all, why do I have a hole? How could I not notice? And suddenly it hurts and it is already doing the endodontics, and why not just perform the obturation? With all these doubts, can I trust?

And it is more sometimes the shame to ask why we seem uneducated to solve our doubts, because we are going to do it.

What is a tooth decay? Caries is a progressive disease of the hard dental tissues induced by the action of bacteria on the fermentable carbohydrates in the plaque of the dental surfaces, this leads to a demineralization of the dental surfaces and at the last moment to the destruction of the organic component dental.

exist different factors that imply that we are more susceptible to tooth decay:

  • Microbiological
  • Environmental
  • Biological
  • Behavioral
  • Depending on the dental anatomy

It is important to have a good diet, since foods rich in sugars provide the environment for bacteria to act. That is why in children who have many cavities, dentists insist that they do not drink a lot of juices or eat a lot of pastries since this is contraindicated and will only favor the environment for these bacteria.

When we finish eating there is a decrease in Ph, this begins quickly, but a minimum time is required for the microorganisms to produce a demineralization of the enamel and cause damage. That is why it is important to brush your teeth after each meal to prevent these microorganisms from acting.

This is why over time, when we have a cavity our tooth weakens as micro-organisms demineralize the enamel, many times the tooth can fracture and that is when we see that we have a “hole”.

When asked if cavities are passed from one tooth to another, caries is an infectious disease, it is not caries that is passed by contact to the neighboring tooth, but rather, if we do not have control over the cariogenic bacteriaThese can colonize the neighboring tooth and, with a suitable medium, form a cavity in another tooth.

Why don’t cavities hurt?

Cavities do not hurt since the nerve is not affected, it is when the nerve is compromised that it hurts, and it is then that it is not enough just to perform a obturation, (more commonly called filling) but we will have to perform the endodontics or as people call it killing the nerve.

How are tooth decay detected?

In the dental clinic you trusted dentist He will perform a review of your entire mouth, and it is here through a visual inspection and X-rays where he will determine whether or not you have any cavities.

Can I help prevent cavities?

Yes, the most important thing is that you have adequate oral hygiene, this implies the brushing your teeth 3 times a day, and that you entertain yourself in doing it for about 5 minutes in addition to having a good time floss between all the teeth, this is how you will avoid interproximal caries (These are the cavities that appear between teeth) these are usually very common. In the event that you have separated teeth, there are interproximal brushes that by passing them between tooth and tooth you will perform the same function as with dental floss.

We also have to take into account the type of toothbrush we use, there are many types of toothbrushes, from manual to automatic and not all of them can be equally well for us. They also exist of different hardness. This in the dental consultation the doctor will indicate the most suitable brush for you.

Besides, when you go to your dentist he can tell you about a good brushing technique Since it may be that the way you brush them is not the correct way to finish off the entire plaque. In case good brushing is not enough, the doctor can refer you to perform oral hygiene, by eliminating all the bacterial plaque we will be favoring a healthier mouth and thus prevent the colonization of bacteria and avoid cavities .

exist fluoridated toothpastes and dental rinses that will help you avoid the formation of cavities. In addition to the application in the dental clinic of varnishes that contain antimicrobial agents that will help improve your oral health.

Taking into account all these aspects, we can already have good control over cavities and help them not go further. By going to check-ups and taking good care of our teeth we can get a good dental health.


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