If you want to improve the position of your teeth and you are thinking of getting orthodontics, one of the best solutions we have today is invisible orthodontics. At Smile Care Plymouth we perform invisalign treatments by the hand of our orthodontic specialist, Dr. Mestres.

Why choose invisalign?

It is an invisible orthodontic option that consists of the use of aligners or dental aligners are braces of the teeth transparent and are practically invisible. The aligners are made to measure, and in addition to the aligners, attachments are placed on the teeth, these are geometric devices attached to the tooth that are made of composite (material with which fillings are made) of the same color as the natural tooth. that help to place the tooth in the correct position. The aligners are easy and comfortable to wear, they have to be changed every two weeks, and as the treatment progresses, the teeth move gradually with the help of the aligners until the end of the treatment where the teeth are teeth will be perfectly aligned.

What are the advantages of invisalign?

One of the main advantages of the Invisalign system is the aesthetics they provide to patients since, being a transparent Brace, they go unnoticed by others. The attachments, being the same color as the natural tooth, are hardly noticeable. This is one of the reasons why many patients choose this orthodontic method, since if aesthetics is important at work or the traditional method is uncomfortable, with Invisalign you can correct the position of your teeth without it being barely noticeable.

Another advantage that Invisalign offers us is that it is one of the most comfortable methods available today, this is because brackets or wires are not used, thus avoiding chafing and ulcers that can cause discomfort. In addition, being removable covers, it makes it a much more comfortable method for the patient when it comes to eating, brushing teeth and even cleaning the braces.With the Invisalign method, there is hardly any discomfort, since the braces are changed every 15 days and the movement that is performed is constant but very slight, each Brace has a controlled pressure, so that when the movement has been carried out, it remains in a passive period until we change the Brace.

This method has different systems, which can benefit both children, adolescents or adults. Among them we have:

The duration of an orthodontic treatment with invisalign, depends on each particular case, but generally the treatments usually last from 18 to 24 months, there are specific cases in which the treatment can last 36 months.

It is important that before choosing which orthodontic system, you go to the dental office to have an orthodontic study performed, in Smile Care Plymouth Dental Plymouth After conducting the study, we make a good diagnosis and plan a good treatment plan. With this study we will obtain the necessary information to start working and be able to obtain the best results.

Also in Smile Care Plymouth Dental PlymouthInvisalign is designed using a computer program called Clincheck, with which the different braces that will be used throughout the orthodontic treatment are designed. With this program we will be able to see the different movements that will be carried out on our teeth during the treatment and we will be able to see how they will look at the end of the treatment even before it has started.



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