The extraction of the third molars olwisdom teeth, It is one of the interventions that has the most bad memories among the population, these being one of the most common causes of consultation with dentists.

According to the data of the Spanish Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 70% of Spaniards have at least one wisdom tooth in the lower jaw (mandible) that does not come out correctly and in 45% it occurs in the upper jaw.

When to remove wisdom teeth?

Its extraction is only indicated when there may be repeated infections, accentuated pain, cysts, involvement of the adjacent molar or due to needs for correct orthodontic treatment among other indications. So, if it doesn’t cause a complication that justifies its removal, should not be removedWell, it is very possible that they will never come out and they will not give any problem.

Between the main reasons why it will be necessary to extract Wisdom teeth include the following:

  • There is pathology associated with the inclusion of the wisdom tooth, such as pain, infectious processes, cystic pathology, etc. And that it cannot be treated conservatively.
  • When the impacted wisdom tooth causes injuries to neighboring teeth such as rhizolysis, pulp necrosis, etc.
  • When for orthodontic reasons there is a bone-dental discrepancy and to correct it it is necessary to perform dental extractions to gain space.
  • In the event that the wisdom teeth grow, partially, through the gums, not fully erupting and remaining semi-included and partially covered by gum, which facilitates the accumulation of food below the gums and cause infections. In this way the person would not only avoid constant discomfort, but also avoid contracting pericoronitis, a very common bacterial infection in these cases.

On the other hand, it should be noted that there is no specific age at which wisdom teeth appear in the mouth, although they generally tend to erupt during adolescence. At that time, it is highly recommended to visit the dentist to perform a preliminary examination and recommend the best treatment option.

In the event that it is necessary to remove the wisdom teeth, it is preferable that it be carried out as soon as possible, so the intervention will be easier and will involve less discomfort for the patient.

Finally, the important thing is an adequate control by the dentist in routine visits. It is very important to take this factor into account, since the secondary effects of the extraction can be more serious and irreversible than the extraction itself and that is why it has to be fully justifiedada this intervention.


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