Currently, most patients want to have a dental extraction replaced immediately, one of the ways is to place an immediate implant, but this is not always possible since this treatment has limited indications and is not an option. that can be assessed in all cases.

An implant is a titanium prosthesis that is surgically inserted into the ridge of bone, primarily for prosthetic purposes, to replace a previously lost tooth. Once the implant is osseointegrated, the dental prosthesis or the crown will be screwed in, if it is a single implant, thus the aesthetics of their teeth and the chewing function will be returned to the patient.

The immediate implant, or post-extraction, is the implant that is placed immediately after performing one or more dental extractions. With this technique of placing implants immediately after extraction, we take advantage of the space left by the extracted tooth to be able to place the implant, thus reducing waiting time, medication and the number of surgeries compared to conventional implants.

The advantages of placing immediate implants are:

  • It’s a technique simple and comfortable for the patient.
  • A single surgery to extract the tooth and place the implant.
  • We reduce the healing time.
  • Low traumatic surgery.
  • There is less bone resorption from the residual socket.
  • We reduce the time of the entire treatment.

In addition to being an immediate implant, they can also be a immediate loading implantThis consists of placing the implant and immediately the dental prosthesis. With immediate loading we can give the patient better aesthetics in addition to recovering function. This technique allows the gingiva to be remodeled during the process in which the implant osseointegrates and thus improves the aesthetics of our teeth, but for this technique we will not place the definitive prosthesis in the first moment, but we will use a provisional so that the gum can fit well. But it is not always possible to place the prosthesis at the same time that we place the implant, this will depend on the stability of the implant in the bone, among other factors.

When can implants be placed immediately?

There are indications in which implants can be placed immediately, for example in the following cases:

  • The tooth is extracted because it has suffered a trauma.
  • When there is a endodontic injury.
  • A fracture from the root of the tooth.
  • When there is agenesis permanent teeth and the temporary tooth is extracted.

When is the placement of an immediate implant contraindicated?

There are also cases in which the placement of an immediate implant is contraindicated; as for example in cases where there are:

  • A infection active.
  • Yes not enough bone remnant to be able to place the implant.
  • Process cystic active.
  • If there are problems periodontal (It is important to treat them before and that the gum is healthy before placing an implant).
  • If the patient is bruxist.

Unlike the conventional implants we save time since we don’t have to wait between 2 and 6 months for implant placement. This time that we gain is the time it takes for the bone to heal and regenerate, and once the implant is placed, it is necessary to wait again a few months for the implant to osteointegrate in the bone and thus to be able to place a prosthesis on an implant. Once the time necessary for the implant to have osseointegrated has passed, we will proceed to make the prosthesis on an implant.

Before undergoing any treatment, it is necessary that you first go to a specialist, to assess all the treatment possibilities. The specialist will need a orthopantomography (panoramic x-ray of the whole mouth) and even sometimes you may need a CT scan to be able to carry out a study of each case and to be able to assess all the possibilities and see the quality and quantity of bone of each patient, in many cases, it will be possible to place an immediate implant, after extraction, but as long as there is stability in the implant. If not, we will have to wait, approximately three months.

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