Dental prosthesis is a specialty of dentistry that is based on the rehabilitation of oral function and aesthetics. Within this dental field there are two main sectors of dental prosthesis: the removable dental prosthesis, which can be total or partial, and the fixed dental prosthesis.

The fixed dental prosthesis ranges from a single tooth restoration, to the rehabilitation of the entire dental occlusion. Thanks to it, the complete function of the teeth is restored separately and also an improvement in aesthetics is achieved in the restored area. The type of fixed dental prosthesis is the one that presents the most comfort for the patient and the chewing capacity with this type is more optimal.

Within the fixed prosthesis there are multiple treatments, one of them is a dental bridge. The pontic or artificial tooth is a part of the dental bridge where it forms the edentulous area, the place where the dental organ is absent.

When do you need a dental bridge?

Dental bridges are placed to rehabilitate the edentulous area of ​​the oral cavity. These usually last approximately 10 years.

Sometimes dental bridges need to be changed after or before their half-life years. There are some fundamental indications by which the restoration of the dental bridge is indicated.

Dental bridges are usually changed when the adaptation to the teeth is not adequate, so they do not perform an optimal function. It is a clear indication if there is a mobility of the dental bridge since it can favor the retention of periodontal irritants, such as dental plaque, and cause a progression of periodontal disease. Sometimes, the mobility of this is caused by a deep cavity that makes the bridge fit not properly.

On occasions, metal-ceramic bridges are worn over the years or due to parafunctional habits and the ceramic is lost so the metal appears and causes a disadvantaged aesthetic. In these situations, exchanging the bridge for a dental bridge made of another equally strong material and removing the metal can improve the patient’s dental aesthetics.

It is of great importance to maintain a perfect oral hygiene technique in order to prolong the need to change the dental bridge as long as possible. In addition, to go to the periodic check-ups, every 6 months, with the dentist for check-ups and professional dental hygiene to be carried out and thus be able to maintain good oral health.


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