The discharge Brace is used to prevent the consequences that appear on the teeth due to bruxism, with it we prevent tooth wear and treat disorders of temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Bruxism is the habit of unconsciously clenching or grinding the teeth and is suffered by between 10% and 20% of the population. Bruxism can occur during the day or at night. There are two types of bruxism; Centric bruxism, which is the habit of clenching the teeth, which can cause tension and pain in the jaw, ear or neck and headaches. And eccentric bruxism, which is the habit of rubbing or grinding the teeth, which can cause great wear of tooth enamel.

The function of the dental discharge Brace is to cushion the contact forces of the teeth, and avoid friction between the bite of the lower and upper teeth in a way that prevents wear on the tooth enamel and on the Brace. In addition, it dissipates occlusal forces and helps to avoid muscle overload and to relax the temporomandibular joint.

When is the discharge Brace used?

The discharge Brace is indicated to be used during the night, while we sleep, which is at that moment when the teeth are clenched or grinded without being aware of it. But it can also be used during the day at times when there is more stress or anxiety, which is when bruxism can occur. We advise you to use the dental Brace throughout the night, put it on before going to bed after brushing your teeth and is removed in the morning before brushing your teeth. The dental Brace must always be used, it must be part of our routine of daily habits so that it does its job well.

The discharge Brace must be made to measure by your dentist and must be reviewed periodically to be able to adjust or touch it up. It is normally placed in the upper arch, but it can also be placed in the lower arch.

Must maintain good hygiene of the discharge Brace as if it cannot be stained and cause a bad odor. The discharge Brace can be washed with a normal toothbrush and mild soap and water after each use and must be rinsed well and left to dry. In addition, it is recommended that a thorough cleaning be carried out at least once a week, this can be done using special pharmacy products to remove the remains of dental plaque that accumulate during use. These products are the same as those used to clean dental prosthesis, they are tablets with an effervescent and disinfectant product, you must immerse the Brace for a couple of hours and then wash it well before putting it on.

The adaptation to the dental Brace can be a bit bothersome during the first daysFor this reason, it is recommended that to facilitate adaptation, it takes a couple of hours a day and as the body gets used to it. Once it has gotten used to it, you will not notice that you are wearing it and you will not notice any discomfort.


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