The ultimate goal of any type of cosmetic dental treatment is for the patient to feel comfortable with their new smile, for the smile created by the dentist to be suitable for the patient and to obtain their total aesthetic and functional satisfaction.

Is that cosmetic dental treatments are designed to achieve a beautiful smile that fully adapts to the facial features of the patient. If the dental aesthetic treatment is carried out correctly, it can trigger the creation of a perfect smile solving possible problems and alterations that our smile presents.

In all dental aesthetic treatment, the most important thing is to ask our patients what they want to improve in their smile, what they do not like about their smile, what problems are seen when smiling, and how they would like to come to see themselves, in short, to count on the patient’s expectations.

We are aware that there are multiple reasons to choose a cosmetic dental treatment, or for which the patient requests cosmetic dental treatment, if it is true that there are three main motivations:

  • Alterations or problems with the color of the teeth, either due to the dark hue or the presence of stains or stains.
  • Alterations or problems due to the shape or arrangement of the teeth, because they are very small teeth or they are worn or with an anatomy that is not adequate or harmonious with the rest of the teeth.
  • Due to sequelae of a periodontal treatment. On many occasions, after being a patient who has received periodontal treatment, patients find themselves with a loss of support and / or tissue. This causes unsightly black spaces also called triangles between the teeth, but the patient should not resign himself to it because it always looks like an aged smile. A cosmetic dental treatment can solve this problem, and restore the young and natural appearance to the smile, as well as healthy.

Although there are many cosmetic dental treatments, they all have a common process.

  • Analysis of the patient’s smile with a photographic study, which allows us to determine the situation from which we start.
  • Personalized smile design. To do this, we will use digital design
  • Directly in the patient’s mouth, with a test called mock-up. The objective of this test is to get the patient to see the final result of their smile with those new teeth
  • Once we have agreed on the final design with the patient, we proceed to carry out the treatment.
  • A dental aesthetic treatment can bring us very good results, always adapted to each type of smile, face and each patient.

Not too long ago dentistry based the success or failure of a treatment exclusively from a functional point of viewIn other words, if we could provide a functional solution to the patient’s problem, this treatment was considered a success, something that has changed considerably in contemporary dentistry that seeks functionality and aesthetics at the same time.

Since the late 1990s, two parameters have been established as success criteria in dental treatment, a merely functional parameter and an aesthetic parameter. The success of dental treatment should be measured not only from a point of functional restoration but also from a point of restoration of dental aesthetics, combining both, a perfect and ideal smile is achieved for the patient.

Consult with your specialist in dental aesthetics, they will offer you a wide range of dental aesthetic treatment possibilities according to the alterations that arise.



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