In the event of a dental fracture, it is important that, if you find the enamel fragment, keep it and bring it to the dentist immediately, here in the office they will perform a review with X-rays and they will see that the tooth in question is still vital, and if we have the fragment they will re-cement it. In the event that you cannot find the fractured fragment, the tooth will be reconstructed. The treatment to be followed will vary depending on the extent of the fracture and whether we are treating a child or an adult.

It is important that we take our child immediately to the dentist since if it takes more than 24 hours, the treatment could vary depending on the formation of the root.

Depending on the extent of the fracture you may need to have a root canal (kill the nerve) and later rebuild it, stabilize the tooth and even exodont it. The treatment to be carried out will be determined by the dentist through X-rays and a clinical examination.

But, there are times when the tooth does not fracture, but instead moves from its usual position. In this case, a clinical review is performed in the dental clinic and through the use of X-rays to verify if it has moved and the current position of the tooth. Thanks to this inspection, they will be able to see and plan an appropriate treatment, which can be:

  • If it has not moved from its place, you should reassure yourself that tooth has a good prognosis.
  • If it has moved from the dental socket, a tooth replacement will be performed. as long as no more than 48 hours have passed, (since after this time it can not always be repositioned) and it will be Braceed for a time to keep it stable.

There are cases in which the tooth comes out of the socket due to a great trauma, this is called dental avulsion, these situations are not very common, but they can occur, in the event that it happens we will have to take into account if the tooth is temporary, that is, milk or if it is a permanent tooth.

If it is a temporary tooth, the tooth is left out and will be given to the child to put under the pillow for the tooth fairy to come; It will not be reimplanted as the permanent tooth could be damaged by trying to reimplant the temporary one. X-rays will show that the permanent tooth is not affected. If it is a permanent tooth, it could be reimplanted.

In the case of dental avulsion it is important that you calm down, look for your tooth and put it in a container with milk, baby’s saliva or physiological saline And you have to go as quickly as possible to the dental consultation since the longer it takes to reimplant it, the worse the prognosis of that tooth will be.

At Smile Care Plymouth we will help you with any emergency you may have, we have very well trained specialists who will inform you about the treatment plan and the measures you have to follow. It is important that you put your oral health in the hands of good specialists.



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