The dental cleaning is the best way to prevent tooth and gum infections and requires the use of a ultrasound machine.

One of the reasons why it is recommended to make regular visits to the dentist is due to the importance of removing the tartar adhered to the dental enamel (outer layer of the tooth), through a simple intervention such as Professional cleaner.

This process is recommended to be carried out annual form and it allows to avoid the appearance of all kinds of oral diseases such as tooth decay or gingivitis, as well as to eliminate certain dental stains and improve dental aesthetics.

The specialists of our dental clinic Smile Care Plymouth Dental Plymouth, ​​recommend the periodic realization of professional ultrasonic cleaning, in general, every 6 or 12 months. Now we will detail the characteristics, indications and multiple advantages of this intervention.

Indications for professional dental cleaning

The main reason why professional oral cleaning is carried out is the tartar removal, that is, that bacterial plaque mineralized over time and impossible to remove by brushing teeth. Therefore, it is highly recommended especially for those who do not practice a correct or efficient routine of daily oral hygiene, consequence of not brushing your teeth regularly and they present a lot of accumulation of tartar and oral bacterial plaque.

People who suffer from any illperiodontal daddy (gingivitis or periodontitis), since through this process it is possible to extract the tartar and plaque located below the gum and adhered to the root of the tooth, using another technique known clinically as root scaling.

Features of Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning

This cleaning is carried out through an electrical device that has the ability to apply ultrasonic vibrations through a fine metal tip to remove tartar that is lodged in the teeth. On the one hand, the ultrasonic waves that the appliance gives off allow the removal of tartar and, on the other hand, the water that it expels has the function of extracting the tartar remains and preventing the tooth and the appliance from heating up.

Professional dental cleaning is a process of approximately 30 minutes in duration, very simple and painlessThis being another of the reasons why it is recommended to carry out this process on a regular basis due to its many benefits.

In short, dental cleaning has as its main objective the tartar removal that accumulates on the teeth, which cannot be eliminated by hygienic techniques applied at home and contribute to the improvement of oral health of our patients.


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