There are many patients who come to the consultation seeking to obtain a perfect smile. Both in the face of society, as well as in the face of oneself, it is very comfortable and flattering to have a nice and beautiful smile.

To achieve a perfect smile, first a correct diagnosis of the patient must be made by a specialist dentistTo do this, they carry out a correct and exhaustive assessment of the general situation of the oral state. Next, establish a good treatment plan taking into account the diagnosis obtained and the expectations that the patient has.

A problem that negatively affects the aesthetics of the person’s smile is the presence of crooked teeth. exist multiple causes that can trigger this anomaly, for example: lack of space, crowded teeth, harmful habits (habit of thumb sucking, nail biting, etc.), genetic causes, among many others.

Treatment of misaligned teeth

Currently, we have two types of treatments to solve this problem, depending on the causal factors.

On the one hand, when the problem of presenting crooked teeth affects several teeth, the most indicated treatment is orthodontics. Likewise, the most indicated treatment is orthodontics when the origin of the problem is in the lack of space in the dental archas the teeth have erupted in a crowded and misaligned manner in the dental arch.

The specialist orthodontist first takes care of expand the palate in the case of the upper jaw, or mandibular expansion to create space. After a few months, the next step is carried out, corrective orthodontics, which refers to the correct alignment of the teeth once they have space to straighten and position themselves correctly in the arch. Later, once the correct alignment of the teeth is obtained, the patient acquires a better smile aesthetics, as well as an improvement in the oral healthas the upper and lower teeth fit together better.

On the other hand, when the affected crooked teeth are few and the degree of affectation is not very severe, it is recommended to perform composite or porcelain veneers. This treatment refers to sheets that adhere to the visible external face of the tooth, that is, to the enamel, by means of a resin adhesive, offering the shape and the Colour of the tooth that the patient wants. It is a very conservative technique, since the tooth carving is minimal or practically null depending on the case, offering an excellent and long-lasting result if one is careful with maintenance.

Both possible treatment alternatives have a highly successful result and the specialist dentist is the one who recommends the most appropriate treatment according to the particular case. It should be noted that the cost of both treatments is high, as the result is excellent and for life. There are many advantages offered by correcting the misalignment of the teeth, mainly highlighting the improvement of the smile aesthetics, as well, the best oral functionality obtained.



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