The snap on smile it’s an easy way to get a nice, pretty smile. It is a type of removable prosthesis made up of the latest technology dental resin of minimal thickness, but extremely resistant.

With this type of prosthesis you can eat and drink without any problem, being a temporary or long-term aesthetic solution. The snap on smile it fits directly on the natural teeth themselves in such a way that the aesthetic appearance of the smile is changed, improving it so that it looks beautiful and natural.

The snap on smile it is available for both upper and lower teeth. Therefore, thanks to this type of removable prosthesis, it can even change people’s lives, restoring the confidence to smile again. Compared to some dental treatments, the snap on smile is an affordable and life-changing solution for people of all ages.

In order to get an instant smile, using the snap on smileIt simply requires two visits to the dental office. These visits are usually short-lived and, in addition, they do not perform any type of dental anesthesia or tooth grinding, so the structure of the teeth is not changed and they are painless visits.

With this type of removable prosthesis, each patient can choose the style they want to give their teeth, as well as the color of the new smile. During the first visit, the dentist makes dental impressions of the teeth and then send them to the laboratory where the snap on smile. On the second and last visit, after three weeks, the final adaptation and delivery of the snap on smile

What are the uses of snap on smile in dental aesthetics?

Thanks to this innovative removable prosthesis, the uses of the snap on smile in the dental specialty of dental aesthetics they are multiple. It is an excellent option to improve the smile and its aesthetic appearance in every way, since it allows you to design and establish a new smile in terms of both shape, size and tooth color.

Some of the uses of snap on smile are the ones explained below:

  • In teeth that present dental stains or tooth color alterations, this type of prosthesis improves the color of these, giving the patient a pleasant smile.
  • By being able to make changes to the shape of the teeth, you can use the snap on smile in those teeth that have an anomaly in shape and that affect multiple anterior teeth and, also, in which there is a dental misalignment.
  • In teeth with the presence of loss of dental structure, such as abrasions, attrictions, abfractions or erosions, the placement of this removable prosthesis can also be performed.
  • In cases where there are dental absences, the use of the snap on smile It is indicated so that, in this way, the dental aesthetics of the patient is improved.
  • Also, it is usually an alternative to removable prosthesis but without the palate or hooks.
  • It can be used as provisionals in patients who are in the process of prosthetic restorations with dental crowns or veneers, or also as provisionals in implantology treatments.


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