Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that is based on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of malocclusions. It is directed towards functional (occlusion), aesthetic and psychosocial objectives (that the patient feels satisfied with himself and with society). There are two main types of orthodontics: fixed orthodontics and removable orthodontics.

Orthodontics has evolved and so have its treatments. Today, one of the most technologically advanced and aesthetic systems that exist is available on the market, the Invisalign.

Orthodontics Invisalign It consists of removable aligners or braces made to measure for each dental arch made of a material that is almost imperceptible to human vision. These are braces that are removed and put on, which is a great advantage at mealtime since you do not have to guide a specific diet, or deprive yourself of certain foods, which is the case of those patients who select a treatment of conventional orthodontics with the use of braces

Along with these braces, composite reliefs are placed that adhere to the tooth, called attachments, exerting forces achieving desired dental movements. This type of orthodontics allows correcting teeth alignment and bite problems in a very discreet way.

What is the refinement phase Invisalign and when is it necessary?

Once the aligner treatment with the Invisalign, there are two options: plan the placement of the final retentions or, if the results are not as expected or there is something that displeases the patient and professional, a “refinement” can be requested.

The refinement of Invisalign It is an additional treatment, which is included in the cost of this type of orthodontics, which is performed with more aligners when the result can be improved and with this obtain a perfect final result.

To carry out the refinement process, new measurements of the dental arches and some photographs are needed. All this information is sent back to Invisalign, and new braces are received to improve the final result.

Orthodontics Invisalign it’s a Very innovative and comfortable treatment since it allows you to eat whatever you want, we can even ingest drinks with the braces in place, which does not produce the dreaded canker sores due to chafing and which allows adequate oral hygiene. In addition, the time for visits with the professional is much shorter than when wearing fixed orthodontics and emergencies will be non-existent.


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