The discharge Brace is a type of removable appliance used in dentistry, which is fully adapted to our upper arch teeth, in most cases, although if it is impossible to place it in the upper arch it can be made for upper arch teeth. the lower arch, this will be at the discretion of the professional, who will explain and indicate the best option.

It is made with a semi-rigid material such as acrylic resin. If it is made of a soft material, as had been a trend, the only thing that is achieved is the one that I habit of tightening is increasing. Ideally it is transparent, although it can be made in colors or even with a printed motif.

The thickness of this device ranges from 2 to 3mm.

The objective of this type of device is prevent wear of tooth enamel and promote the relaxation of muscles and the temporomandibular joint in addition to treating the possible dysfunctions that are evident, the main pathology is bruxism, a problem increasingly diagnosed today, but there are other pathologies such as mandibular deviation or mandibular deflection: problems of the temporomandibular joint, but also common today. For these patients with:

  • Bruxism parafunctional habit, which consists of clenching the teeth which causes wear of the enamel and therefore tooth sensitivity.
  • Mandibular deviation.
  • Deflection when performing the closing movement the jaw does so in a more forward position and leaning to one side.

So, the use of the discharge Brace will be a great ally and indispensable to avoid bruxism and all the problems related to the joint, helping it to remain in its natural position and favoring the relaxation of each of the muscles involved and not allowing these muscles to exert a pressure that is not adequate to the joint and thus the patient will be able to sleep better.

When we are carriers of a discharge Brace, we must have a series of indications to keep it in good condition, What:

  • Our dentist will be the one who instructs us on how to place it and remove it, it should be done as he teaches us, otherwise we can fracture it, there are patients who bite it in order to place it.
  • Its use must be nocturnal
  • When removing it the next day in the same way that we perform oral hygiene, we should ideally clean it with a special brush that we use for this with toothpaste or neutral soap, and there are also effervescent tablets for cleaning.
  • Go to the review with our dentist to assess its status, it has not undergone any alteration and that there are no interferences in the occlusion and verify correct stability.

A true discharge Brace must be made in a dental clinicIt should not be confused with the mouth guards sold in some stores that are intended to protect teeth in high-impact sports.

To make a Brace at Smile Care Plymouth we carry out a rigorous protocol, one of the most important parts being: the anamnesis and medical history of the patient, this will help to diagnose the type of Brace that is required, then a series of essential measures will be taken, For the laboratory, models of the upper and lower arches and a patient bite record that is made with waxes, all these measurements will be sent to the laboratory that will go on to make the Brace, arriving at the clinic within a week, so that the dentist adjusts the occlusion, assess its stability, check that there are no interferences and explain the indications in detail, and stay with the patient a week to carry out a control.


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