Making the perfect dental impressions is one of the most essential and time-consuming procedures in daily dental practice. During this process, it is crucial to reproduce the intraoral conditions as armored as possible and avoiding errors as much as possible to improve the quality of future treatments.

The material used to make the dental impressions makes patients uncomfortable and time is spent waiting for the materials used for the impressions to set.

The introduction into the world of dental technology has led to the development of new systems to be able to register the intraoral cavity. These systems are called digital intraoral scanners, which are devices from which the entire oral cavity can be scanned three-dimensionally, using an optical impression.

The scanner collects every image it takes and also collects distance information from every point on the surface. In this way, with the data that is saved, a three-dimensional image of the patient’s oral cavity is reconstructed on the monitor. With intraoral scanning, time is saved for both the patient and the professionals, as it is more precise, errors are reduced and the scanned images can be viewed directly on the monitor. In addition, jobs are sent to the dental technician via the computer. In the laboratory, the dental technician can handle impressions quickly and efficiently.

Currently there is a wide range of intraoral scanners, among them the digital scanner stands out. 3Shape TRIOS.

The digital scanner 3Shape TRIOS

The digital scanner 3Shape TRIOS It is a type of intraoral scanner that takes color digital intraoral impressions accurately and quickly.

This type of digital scanner makes scanning quick and easy for the dentist, ensuring optimal patient comfort and shorter durations. In addition, an excellent treatment result is ensured, since the scanner 3Shape TRIOS offers high precision.

Color taking with this digital scanner can be performed as it automatically measures the color of the teeth as it is scanned. Thus, the dentist has the possibility to evaluate and mark the areas in order to send the complete information to the laboratory.

In addition, intraoral photos can be taken in high definition during the scan to document cases and inform patients. High definition photos are grouped and sent automatically with digital printing.

Continuous software updates allow more details to be captured during scanning, such as margins during veneer preparation. In addition, the presence of unwanted anatomical parts, such as the tongue, cheek or lips, is automatically detected and eliminated, so that the scan is fluid.

With 3Shape TRIOS patient experiences are improved, digital precision is achieved and manual errors are limited, duplication of mistaken shots is avoided, time is saved as well as costs on impression materials and shipping.



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