The teeth whitening with braces is a dental procedure with which it is possible to improve the color of the teeth, making them look whiter.

This procedure does not make the teeth turn white, but rather modifies the color of the teeth, the tooth gradually loses saturation and gains luminosity, approaching white, so they become lighter.

There are different teeth whitening techniques. Depending on the vitality of the tooth, these can be:

  • Whitening techniques in vital teeth. The tooth maintains the vitality of the dentin-pulp complex and the whitening product is placed on the surface of the tooth.
  • Whitening techniques in non-vital teeth. The teeth are previously properly endodontized and a whitening product is placed inside them.

The whitening techniques in vital teeth are divided into three main groups:

  • Techniques in the consultation
  • Dental whitening techniques with braces at home
  • Combined techniques

With the vital teeth whitening techniques that are performed in the dental office, adequate results are achieved, but with the passage of time the whitening obtained loses its effect. The concentration of the whitening product is high, which is why it is essential to supervise it by a dental professional, which is carried out only in the dental clinic.

Dental whitening with braces at home is an excellent option to obtain a suitable shade of dental white and, in addition, the white on the teeth has a very good durability, since its effect can last for 1 year, depending on the habits of the patient. The whitening product has a lower concentration, which is why dental control is necessary, but only in the form of controls.

Finally, the combined whitening technique is the most indicated in most cases since it provides a very natural and beautiful shade of white along with a very acceptable durability of the white on the teeth, being the combined technique with which the best results are achieved. .


Teeth whitening with braces is a whitening procedure using whitening braces.

The whitening braces They are elements of a plastic material which are made in a personified way for each patient and case in particular.

These braces act as a reservoir to make it easier for the product to stay inside and have direct contact with the tooth during the Brace whitening procedure.

In order to obtain the whitening braces, a mold of the patient is previously obtained that has been correctly cut, thanks to which the individual whitening braces are manufactured by means of a thermoforming process and a later remembered and polished of the edges.


Teeth whitening with braces consists of self-application by the patient of the whitening product.

This procedure is used to achieve a satisfactory final result, with a shade of the tooth lighter than the initial one, with which a white, luminous, natural and very pleasant smile is achieved.

The teeth whitening agent with braces has a lower concentration than that used in the dental clinic, so it takes a long time to have a maximum effect, approximately between 4 and 8 hours.

It is essential that before starting a teeth whitening treatment with or without braces, some previous maneuvers must be performed in order to achieve the results in a predictable and safe way. These maneuvers consist of:

  • Detection of exclusion factors, whether or not to bleach, thanks to a clinical and radiographic examination.
  • Color taking
  • Individualized diagnosis
  • Personalized treatment plan
  • Modification of habits
  • Informed consent
  • Photographic records


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