The maxillary sinus is a pneumatic structure located in the maxillary bone, its origin occurs in the third month of development of the embryo, both temporary and permanent teeth are located under the floor of this maxillary sinus, which is why the roots of premolar and molar teeth are closely related to this structure. In patients who have had a loss of upper teeth, pneumatization of the sinus is inevitable.

At Smile Care Plymouth we advise sinus elevation for patients in whom the bone volume is not adequate and therefore the success of the implant placement is not a success

It is vitally important to know your position and condition when placing implants or performing other procedures such as grafts. Anyways, sinus lift will ensure the success of our subsequent surgery.

Sinus lift is a technique in the area of ​​dental surgery, which allows us the future placement of the dental implant or implants in the upper arch. In those cases that do not have adequate bone volume and height with this technique, an increase of the area in which there has been a loss of bone is achieved. It is a technique that provides us with a series of advantages to assess it, we must carry out a complete radiographic examination in addition to a thorough clinical examination.

There are various techniques to perform sinus lift, the osteotome technique, a less aggressive method, which among the advantages it has will be the reduction of the surgery time and a much more bearable postoperative period for the patient, reducing risks and complications. To perform this technique we must have a distance margin of at least 4mm between the floor of the maxillary sinus and the bone crest, a fact that our specialist will verify under a rigorous radiological examination, which will normally consist of an orthopantomography (radiography of the entire mouth) and a TAC that allows us the more concrete visualization of the area.

Osteotomes are surgical instruments aimed at performing the least traumatic surgery possible, replacing the step of all the drills for bone drilling, our specialist will only use the pilot drill and the one used later the 2mm one, but with the use of These osteotomes will avoid the entire subsequent sequence, which contributes significantly to less traumatic surgery.

The osteotomes are intended to fracture the cortex without touching the adjacent structural membrane, which is very difficult since osteotomes are configured with a blunt tip (rounded) in addition to having a wide variety of diameters, in this way the surgeon will be able to decide at what point he stays, to achieve the width he wants for the optimal insertion of the implant. Before implant placement, there are specialists who prefer to fill the lack of bone with some type of material to replace the bone loss suffered by the patient. We can push this material through the osteotomes until we reach the sinus cavity.

Sometimes sinus lift surgery and implant or implants insertion can be performed at the same time, of the upper arch.

The sinus lift technique using osteotomes is proven by numerous clinical cases and endorsed by the literature as a safe and effective method, when we have bone lack, since it allows us to acquire up to 4mm and is less risky and less invasive for our patients.


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