Currently, we can find different types of orthodontics used to solve different problems of the mouth. All of them, despite their differences, share the same goal: to achieve a good and correct die alignmentbefore providing oral health to the patient, as well as preventing oral diseases.

There are different types of orthodontics: orthodontics preventative, the orthodontics interceptive and the orthodontics corrective. In this article we will focus on explaining preventative orthodontics.

Preventative orthodontics

At the time of making the diagnosis of the teeth of a child who is in the development and growth stage, orthodontic specialists can foresee the oral situation that more or less will develop in the individual. Thus, any anomaly detected at this stage can be anticipated and solved in time to prevent it from happening.

The main objective of preventative orthodontics is act on the appearance of problems, for example, seeing that there are teeth that are growing in a deviant way. This type of orthodontics uses dental wear methods and removable appliances (to remove and to put on), which facilitate the correct oral growth of the patient.

Preventative orthodontics targets mainly children early age (between 4 and 12 years old), which are intended to correct harmful habits such as finger sucking (thumb sucking) or pacifier sucking, which can lead to the appearance of malocclusion problems early. Or, certain teeth that are erupting in a deviant way, interfering with the correct eruption of the rest of the teeth.

If this type of malocclusion is not solved, a occlusal trauma, with a serious negative impact on the oral level of the patient. To avoid this fact, orthodontic specialists have a series of treatment alternatives with a high success rate to solve these anomalies.

Among all of them we find the use of removable braces such as, for example: palatal expanders, circuit breakers, active plate, as well as tooth extraction or space retainers. These removable braces They are simple, they can be removed from the mouth and washed with water, as well as facilitating good oral cleaning care.

Thus, the specialists at our Smile Care Plymouth Dental Plymouth clinic explain that preventative orthodontics refers to one of the most recognized and valuable orthodontic specialties, since it allows us to act before children of an early age, for example, a child who It presents a replacement from milk teeth to permanent teeth, where the latter are not placed properly, and avoids more complicated anomalies to solve or greater problems in the future.

So what we are looking for with Preventative orthodontics is to provide oral health to the patient and prevent oral diseases, acting on the interferences that occur in the correct development of a child’s dentition, offering quality treatment and great success to solve the problem in time.



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