Cosmetic Dentistry

Many people are looking for a more harmonious smile, with lighter, straighter and even teeth. Therefore, knowing what cosmetic dentistry is and the procedures in this area can be the first step to recover your business card: your smile!

Dentistry is understood as an area that acts only on the aesthetics of teeth. Still, it can also be indicated to solve functional or structural problems, and the professional in this field is highly qualified for this. This speciality is responsible for intercepting and restoring teeth with lesions early, preventing more complex treatments such as extractions, root canal treatment and prosthesis placement.

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After all, what is cosmetic dentistry?

The very name of the area helps us to identify what cosmetic dentistry is. This branch is responsible for offering dental solutions to patients who seek to correct, restore or change the appearance of their teeth.

Even though it has “aesthetics” in its name, this area goes far beyond simply seeking beauty. The goals also involve improving oral health through repairs, such as rebuilding broken teeth and correcting the bite.

With technological development, it is now possible to have less invasive materials and procedures available that provide a more natural result similar to customer expectations.

What is Aesthetic Dentistry

The most popular cosmetic dental treatments

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the most popular procedure among patients. It aims to whiten the colour of the teeth to make them look lighter.

With the advancement of whitening techniques, it is currently possible to choose, together with your dentist, a variety of different techniques, such as at-home, in-office, indoor, laser, or LED whitening. Our whitening method is done exclusively in the dental office, using a gel with a very high whitening concentration. It has no contraindication, providing excellent results for all types of patients. Laser treatment brings effects more quickly and may take one to three sessions to obtain the expected result. But all this will depend on the degree of stains present on the teeth.

Porcelain Dentures

They are small dental caps that are used to improve the size, colour and shape of teeth. They are great options for those who do not wish to undergo bleaching or orthodontic treatment. However, they are restorations made of ceramic, cemented onto the tooth surface, and require more wear. The placement of porcelain dentures (which vary in thickness) is intended to restore characteristics such as:

  • Stained or darkened teeth;
  • Small defects in the structure, cracks or broken parts of the teeth;
  • Changes in the size, colour and shape of the smile;
  • Closing spacing between teeth.

Materials have a look and colour similar to the natural one and can be moulded and glued onto the patient’s teeth to achieve the desired smile.

Dental implants

The dental implant is one of the main innovations not only of cosmetic dentistry but the restorer. This procedure covers different techniques to replace missing teeth and to rebuild the appearance of the smile. In addition to making the smile more harmonious, dental implants can also bring functional benefits and improve occlusion and chewing problems for the patient. Plus, best of all, the lifespan of a dental implant can be anywhere from 10 to 15 years!

Everything will depend on the patient’s care with their oral hygiene, of course, but the chances of being a long-lasting procedure are high – as long as you take care of it properly. The most common technique is placing titanium implants fixed to the jaw bone. After the recovery process, the artificial teeth are screwed into the dental implants, offering a solution for aesthetic optimization, improving self-esteem, and patients’ chewing and digestive functions.

Facial Fillers

It is one of the most sought after beauty procedures in dental and medical offices. The famous botox is widely used to move a little on the face, remove some wrinkles, touch up the expression marks and even correct gummy smiles. In addition, the procedure is also a great controller for both sleep bruxism and wakefulness bruxism.

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