Top tips for fresher cleaner teeth from Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth

As the leading cosmetic dentist in the Plymouth area, it’s surprising just how often we get asked: “How do I keep my breath clean and fresh?”

So here are our top tips to help improve your oral hygiene and ensure fresh breath. Essentially, good oral hygiene prevents gum disease and tooth decay. It’s also an important part of your overall general health.

Firstly, it’s important that you brush your teeth correctly every night before going to bed and every morning.  If you aren’t sure then ask your dentist about how you should clean your teeth properly. – you need to get into the all the nooks and crannies properly to ensure healthy teeth.

You should choose a good toothbrush – one with soft, rounded-end bristles and a head that is small enough to reach all parts of your teeth and mouth is a good choice. Your tooth brush should be replaced every three to four months. If necessary, use inter-dental brushes.

We would also recommend that you clean your tongue – a much overlooked part of the mouth cleaning process. You can use a tongue scraper for this.

Brushing your tongue helps remove plaque, which can cause bad breath and help bacteria grow.

You may also find that using a good mouth wash may make your mouth feel fresher. (Though you need to check the label because some contain alcohol and may not be suitable for you).

Here at Smile Care Cosmetic Dentists Plymouth we would also recommend that it is good practice to keep some floss in your pocket in case you get any food trapped in between your teeth during the day. And, speaking as cosmetic dentists, we would recommend visiting the dental hygienist to avoid the build-up of plaque and tartar which will improve your oral health and breath.

Everyone likes that fresh feel after visiting the dental hygienist when you rub your tongue over your teeth. With our help we can help you enjoy that feeling on a regular basis and keep your mouth clean and fresh.

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