Compared to many other forms of cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic care has been given a backseat. This is usually because of several barriers to treatment, but let’s explore your options with Invisalign in Plymouth.

Clear aligner treatment uses a type of plastic form to encourage teeth to take new positions by consistently applying pressure over time. In theory, this is similar to the way that traditional braces perform their task, but in practice, each of the aligners is only used for 2 weeks, allowing them to be thinner, lighter and far more convenient in everyday life. Not to mention that they almost always go unnoticed because they are entirely transparent!

Treatment packages

In our clinic, aligners are divided into treatment packages; this allows a clear division between simple cases requiring less than 14 aligners, typically used over 4 to 6 months compared to more extensive treatments, spanning up to 2 years. This permits tiered pricing so that you don’t have to pay for treatment that you don’t need.

Treatment pathway

The exact treatment pathway will vary on a patient patient basis, but we will go through the textbook example. All treatments start with a thorough assessment where we discuss your goals and check your suitability. Invisalign in Plymouth is well tolerated by the vast majority of patients, but if you have active decay or underlying dental issues that need to be addressed, orthodontic care will have to be delayed.

If treatment is safe to go ahead, a highly detailed 3D scan of the inside of your mouth is performed. This is used as the basis for carrying out treatment. We can show you a real-time rendering of how the treatment is likely to progress.

Ending treatment

Throughout treatment, but particularly at the end, there will be a set of assessments making sure that your teeth have responded to Invisalign in Plymouth as expected and reached their final destinations. If there is some retardation in movement, additional aligners might be added. These refinement aligners are designed to complete the final few millimetres of movement, giving you a straighter and healthier smile.

Free assessment and financing options

Providing our assessments for free means you can fully explore your requirements and have your questions answered before making any financial commitments. We carry out iTero 3D scannings free of charge and will provide general advice on potential alternative care and suitability. If you choose to continue your care with us at Smile Care Cosmetic Centre, we do offer several pricing and credit financing options for those looking to spread out the cost of dental care. Orthodontic treatment is long-term and can be prohibitively expensive for some. So, we’ve actively taken steps to break up first costs and remove as many barriers to good quality care as possible.

We also have a membership service at the clinic that provides care throughout the year and reduced bills in exchange for a low regular monthly payment. Please feel free to ask about how membership can affect your dental bills.