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SmileCare Plymouth welcomes new dental patients

A dentist who welcomes new patients with a comprehensive oral health check.  Our oral health check includes screening for mouth cancer and gum disease. We ask you if there is anything bothering you, about your smile.  We then explore your expectations of any cosmetic dentistry  you may desire. It is really important to us as your dentist,  that there is time to talk.  About what you want from your dentist, so we can get a really clear idea of what success looks like. We will then gather diagnostic information such as x-rays, photographs, intra-oral images and models of your teeth. We look at the cosmetic aspects of your smile, but also the bite, function, and general health of your teeth and gums. After all this data is compiled, we will talk you through your options, in plain English.  You will be informed of  how much everything costs before you make a decision. If you don’t understand anything, please just ask!

At the Smile Care Cosmetic Centre in Plymouth, new dental patients, the first visit is always free and without obligation. The first day you enter our fantastic facilities, you will be put at ease. In a comfortable and pleasant environment for you, we will carry out a complete exploration of your mouth.

After performing all the necessary diagnostic tests, our doctors will start an enlightening conversation with you. In this way, we find it easier to get a clear idea of ​​the dental problem you suffer, and we can plan customized dental services.

The first visit to the dentist is one of the most important appointments, if not the most important. That is why all new dental patients in Plymouth will be welcomed with a friendly atmosphere.

Besides that this appointment, we establish a diagnosis and plan of treatment. We will have the opportunity to know personally. Therefore, we always dedicate the necessary time and offer you the best possible care.

During this first visit and after carrying out the necessary diagnostic tests, we can explain the treatment that will be needed. Once you have any doubts you may have, we will give you your treatment plan, in which you will have comprehensive planning of the appointments necessary for your treatment as well as the duration of each of those views. We know your time is money and at the Smailcare we don’t cancel new dental patients appointments.

New dental patients Smile Care Cosmetic Centre

At the Smile Care Cosmetic Centre, we are aware that some people have some difficulty in relaxing when they must undergo some dental services. Because of this, we offer the possibility of undergoing our conscious sedation program, regardless of the type of treatment to be performed. That is, sedation will be an option regardless of time or type of dental treatment.

Our doctors are committed to working on odontophobia or fear of the dentist safely and in the best possible conditions. Therefore, we design a multidisciplinary and effective conscious sedation program.


Did you know you can apply for finance* to help you spread the cost of your dental treatment?

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New Dental Patients
New dental patients Smile Care Cosmetic Centre
SmileCare Plymouth welcomes new dental patients
Smile Care Cosmetic Centre in Plymouth, new dental patients

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New Patients Welcome

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