Fee Guide

Clinical Consultation£40
Comparison/Second Opinion ConsultationFree
Whitening Consultation£40
Cosmetic Consultation£70
Scale and Polish£80
Small X-ray£15
Digital OPG/Full Mouth X-ray£50
Fissure Sealant£35
Glass Ionomer Filling 1 surface£70
Glass Ionomer Filling 2 surfaces£90
Glass Ionomer Filling 3+ surfaces£110
Composite (White Filling) Incisors and Canines from£95
Composite (White Filling) Premolars from£125
Composite (White Filling) Molars from£145
Sensitive Cementum£55
Temporary Dressing£50
Local AnaestheticFree
Wand™ Syringeless Anaesthetic£20
Surgical Procedures
Simple Extraction – front tooth from£80
Simple Extraction – back tooth from£90
Surgical Extraction from£180
Cosmetic Gum Contouring Laser£280
Laser Assisted Crown Lengthening£250
Implant (from)£995
Mini Implant£750
Treatment of Infected Socket£45
Root Canal Treatment
Incisors and Canines from£250
Premolars from£350
Molars from£450
Crowns, Bridges and Veneers
Metal/Gold Crown from£250
Porcelain Bonded Crown from£450
Pure All Porcelain Crown from£500
1 Point In Bridge from£450
Ceramic Veneer from£450
Implant Supported Crown with abutment from£600
Inlay Gold/Ceramic£400
Prefabricated Core and Post£190
Temporary Crown£90
Recement Crown/ 1 Point In Bridge£70
Partial Acrylic Denture from£400
Full Acrylic Denture from£500
Chrome-Cobalt Denture from£700
Soft Lining£150
Clasp/Gum Addition£50
Denture Repair from£30
Other Services
Tooth Whitening from£245
Invisalign – clear braces from£1500
Facial Line Smoothing from£125
Home Visit Call Out Fee£220

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