Teeth Whitening

Over time the whiteness of your teeth naturally fades, accelerated by habits such as drinking tea, coffee, red wine and smoking.

At Smilecare it’s now easy and affordable to have a dazzling Hollywood smile without pain or inconvenience, and without having to a visit a Beverley Hills dentist!

We have the most comprehensive and popular teeth whitening service in Plymouth, including use of a Velopex Laser for rapid results, and we can always find an option to suit your goals and budget. Just call 01752 663 239 and ask our helpful staff for guidance.

Teeth Whitening Plymouth

Here’s some frequently asked questions about teeth whitening – we hope they help!

What are the different options for tooth whitening?
  1. Dentist-monitored home bleaching techniques. With these techniques, you use a gel and tray system that looks like a mouth guard.
  2. In-surgery techniques. There are different types of in-surgery techniques: for example light-activated or laser units for ‘power’ whitening.


How do the different options for tooth whitening work?
  1. Home-whitening techniques

The essence of this technique is that you whiten your teeth at home using a tooth whitening gel, which is held next to the teeth by special bleaching trays.

Pre-filled adaptable tray system

With our pre-filled adaptable tray system you simply place the tray in your mouth, adjust the thin membrane as it adheres to your teeth and wear it for 60 minutes once a day for 10 days. It’s that easy.

This is a prescription strength formula at an affordable price. This means more effective results, faster.

Customised tray system

First we take study models of your teeth and then create a customised tray that fits your mouth perfectly. After your trays have been created we will send you home with your custom fitted trays and whitening gel. This gel contains powerful whitening formulations that you will wear once a day for 10 days.

  1. In-surgery ‘power’ teeth whitening techniques

If you are looking for white teeth, fast, this is the option for you. With this technique the whitening is carried out at the surgery. A two-hour appointment is required, with the actual tooth whitening procedure taking approximately one hour.  Expect teeth whitening to increase your confidence as well as provide you with a brighter smile.

We apply a protective barrier to the gums and lips and then the whitening gel is applied to the teeth. After this the LumaArch light is directed onto the gel. This is a high energy light that accelerates and intensifies the whitening process. It activates the gel, which then gently removes stains on the teeth.


Will teeth whitening damage my teeth?

No. This technique has been used worldwide for many years to whiten literally millions of smiles. There is no structural change to your teeth and it is non-invasive. The majority of the literature and research indicate that dentist-monitored home tooth whitening techniques and the in-surgery ‘power’ whitening systems are effective and safe ways to lighten discoloured teeth.

What types of stains are best suited to tooth whitening?

All types of stains are suitable for tooth whitening, although darker teeth may take longer to whiten.

Are there any stains that won't respond to tooth whitening?

Very severe stains acquired as a byproduct of taking the antibiotic tetracycline may not respond or may have a limited response to teeth whitening.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Teeth whitening should last for approximately 18 months to three years. The length of time depends on your eating, drinking and smoking habits: tea, coffee, red wine and smoking cause teeth to discolour more.

Are there any people for whom teeth whitening is not a good idea?

Virtually everyone wanting to lighten their teeth can benefit from tooth whitening. However we will determine your suitability because certain techniques may be unsuitable for people who have a history of joint problems, extreme sensitivity to hot and cold food or drink, and people with numerous fracture lines in their teeth.

If you have a gum disease, it should be treated before any tooth whitening procedures are carried out. Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding should be excluded from bleaching procedures because there is a lack of information concerning possible effects on the baby.

Be safe in your choice of the best teeth whitening option for you and don’t worry – just call us today on 01752 663 239  or email smile@smilecare.uk.com to book an appointment. We’ll help you make the right choice.


Teeth Whitening Plymouth