In preparation for reopening our practice invested heavily in all necessary Personal Protective Equipment as well as auxiliary appliances in order to minimize the risk of virus contamination:

Radic8 Hextio

99.99999%* kill rate in a single air exchange

Two key factors to consider when using technology to reduce airborne and droplet virus exposure:

  1. Controlled Air Flow – Take the danger away from the breathing zone and replace it with clean air. Where possible, create a laminar airflow
  2. Single Air Pass – Use technology that can give a virus kill rate. Kill rates can only be given by tests conducted on a single air exchange

Why is this so important?

When dealing with viruses, single air pass kill rates are an absolute must. If a clean air device draws air and then pushes it back into the breathing zone without completely eradicating viruses, it significantly increases the risk of cross contamination. Other equipment who claim they kill viruses are only able to eradicate them completely after air has passed through them multiple times. We believe that 99.9999%* virus kill rates are irrelevant if the tests are not done in a single air exchange.

Technology & Test Results:(See documents & Manuals section for full certifications)