“After 30 years of being unhappy with my smile I decided to look into getting it fixed. I tried calling several dentists but they all wanted around £80 or more for an initial consultation. When I called Smile Care Cosmetic Centre they were a lot cheaper. When I asked why, it was explained that dentistry could be expensive and it wasn’t fair to charge the earth for something you may not be able to afford. So I booked for the consultation. Dr Rafal Topolski was brilliant. He explained what my options were, and suggested I think about it before making the decision.

I decided to go for Invisalign, a clear retainer that you wear nearly 24hrs a day. I was told it would take around 9 months to complete.

Taking the moulds for me was the worst part, but in all fairness it still wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t even painful.

Two weeks later the retainers were ready. They felt very strange, no pain but you could feel the pressure of them, after a day the pressure went, and before I knew it 2 weeks had gone by and it was ready for the next set. Hardly anyone noticed that I had the retainers in, which was fantastic. It had times when there was a bit of a pain, like taking them out to eat, and to drink tea or coffee, but it was a tiny sacrifice to make, and you so quickly got used to it.

Before I knew it 6 months had gone by and my teeth were noticeably straighter. Then after 9months it was over!

I now wear my retainers at night to make sure my teeth don’t try to move back, but I only need to do this for a few more months. I cannot express how glad I am to have had this done. My confidence has soared, and I am not scared to smile, even my friends and family have noticed the difference, not just with my teeth but in me.

I cannot thank Rafal enough for what he has done, and his team who have treated me with the utmost professionalism and care. I would recommend anyone to use Invisalign, but to get it done at Smile Care Cosmetic Centre. I couldn’t fault them in any way. I would be happy for anyone to contact and speak to me if they were unsure on whether to have the treatment, or even about using Smile Care Cosmetic Centre.”